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Could do with a lift

Hello everyone.

I'm very new to this forum and just feeling a little low at the moment.

I'm currently going through my withdrawal bleed after my cancelled ivf cycle 4 weeks ago. I still have to wait until my next natural period before I can even call my clinic to start the ball rolling so will probably be looking at October at the earliest for the start of our next cycle (I have a holiday end of sept so it won't be around then!)

I'm just feeling very deflated with everything at the moment, and the waiting is so infuriating!

Sorry for the moan, but thank you for reading xx

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The waiting is such a pain!! Why was your cycle cancelled? Will you be having an fet when you start again? Or starting right from the beginning again? It's been just over three months since I had my eggs collected and my embryo has been frozen because they found a lump in my uterus. So I had to go back on the waiting list with my local NHS hospital for surgery to have it removed and everything just felt horrendous. I was so low, and upset and deflated because it just finally felt like we were so close and then that happened and we were suddenly so far again!

But don't worry, I know time is such a pain but you'll get there again ❤️ and everyone in this group is really supportive.

Hope you're okay xxxx


Thank you so much for the reply. I only got half way through stimming as, although my lining was thickening nicely, my follicles just weren't growing well enough. We were given the option to increase the dosage, but they couldn't guarantee that the eggs would be as perfect as they possibly could be - so we went for the option to stop then and there, and wait for the next round to try again with new dosage or meds or combination of the two. We only get one chance on our funding so just want it to be as perfect as we can possibly have it!

I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that! Have you had the operation now? Do you know when you'll be able to have your fet yet?

I really hope you aren't having to wait too long for it all.

I feel like I should be a pro at waiting, but every step I take, half the time I have to take about 2 or 3 steps back again, and then the next waiting period starts. I'm just in a flop at the moment. I'll pick myself back up in a day or two ☺️

You take care. And thank you xx


Morning, sorry to hear your cycle was cancelled. Will you have another fresh cycle or FET? Think we all need a good moan, the waiting is the one thing I find the most frustrating but hopefully with your holiday to look forward to time will go fast and you'll come back a little more relaxed and ready to start again x


Thank you E_05 for your reply! It will be a fresh cycle as I didn't get as far as EC.

Yes, I think the holiday will do us both the world of good. And hopefully, by that point we will know what the next steps will be anyway. The not knowing what will happen and when we should expect it all to start is one of the worst things I think. I thought we'd got past all that when we were given our ivf dates, but no, fate can be cruel ☺️ still looking on the bright side as much as I can though! Only option really!

I hope you're ok. Thank you for the reply xx


Your right there this is a very cruel journey, definitely I hate the not knowing to and I think being so out of control is what makes IVF even harder. I hope they make the right adjustments for you for your next cycle, wishing you lots of luck xx


Hi, definitely have a good moan and let it all out! I was worried about a few things starting ivf and really had no idea there were so many other variables/obstacles to worry about, all of which are out of our control. Its a real shock when things dont go as expected but they will have learnt loads from how you responded this time and fingers crossed next time will go much better. Hope it goes well in october xx


Thank you Ella.

Yeah. You learn along the way with this process don't you. I had no idea just how intense and I depth ivf was. It's a pure science.

As you say as well, they will have learnt so much from what didn't go right this time round. Just gotta stay positive (as much as possible) and try not to be too impatient ☺️ xx

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Sorry to hear your cycle got cancelled... fingers crossed and best of luck for oct. sure you will find lots of support of here


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