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Keep the faith

Just had my 7 week scan and all is well, strong heartbeat and it was just amazing to make it all real at long last.

I know what it's like when other people have good news when you feel unlucky yourself. I would feel pessimistic and refuse to get my hopes up and it didn't help anything, it made it worse, remaining optimistic and hopeful is much more healthy and kinder to yourself. Everybody's journey to conceive is different and some people wait years but when they get there you look back and appreciate it more because it was harder to obtain. They do amazing things to help with baby making for those who need it these days, the science is massively developed and we are lucky in that regard. Stay strong, keep going, believe you will get there one way or another. Love to everyone else on this journey xx

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Congrats, glad it all went so well xx


Congrats xx


Aww congratulations.... this certainly gives me hope xxx


Aw such lovely news!...I know the long wait from bfp to 1st scan is the hardest so congratulations!! 🎉🎉 🎉


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