Keep the faith!

Well all you strong and brave ladies I just wanted to keep encouraging you to keep the faith and keep fighting for your dreams to come true. Today was my test day after my FET and we got a lovely BFP! This journey takes everything out of you and I know this site gave me the strength to keep going on my down days so I just wanted to spread a little hope. I know it's still extremely early days but this is the furthest we have ever got so are absolutely delighted right now!

Sending baby dust and support to you all ❀️

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  • Massive congratulations. Β All best to you and your little miracle. X

  • Huge massive congrats to you honey.

    A word of advice the next 2 weeks are going to be hell the 2ww was nothing compared to the emotional journey you go through waiting on the scan.

    Thanks to all the ladies on here they got me through a rough time as I was and still can be a pessimist but each hurdle each step closer even though it's a whole 7.5 months for me to wait I feel luckier and luckier.

    Note: symptoms will come and go or not, you may spot red or brown (don't panic), whichever way it goes tell yourself that today you are pregnant and a lucky lady 😘

    Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy xx

  • Thank you so much Tamtam, I have followed your journey and am so thrilled for you ❀️ So far no spotting but a few aches and the last few days a bit of nausea but I'm loving it if that makes sense! Scan is booked for 16th so the wait is on...again!!!Β 

    Thank you xxx

  • Great news!

  • Congratulations I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy x

  • Brill! Xx

  • Brill news! Xx

  • Congratulations Daisy-Mae... it's such an amazing feeling. Enjoy every minute πŸ˜™ x x

  • Well done xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Congratulations!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Ahhhh great news!! Congratulations!!x

  • Massive congratulations! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy x

  • Congratulation daisy Mae! Enjoy xxx

  • Congrats! And lovely message xΒ 

  • Thank you. That is what I needed to read after our first failed cycle. Congratulations! Xx

  • I was so heartbroken after our first failed attempt and it took me quite a while to get into a better place for my next round so I know exactly how you feel Sarah. I decided to try and change a few things that were under my control, so saw a nutritionalist who helped me a lot. Then found a fertility acupuncture specialist. I think these have made a huge difference to my life and I was in a much calmer state during this next cycle. Like I say please keep the faith that one day your dream will come true. Sending love and support xx

  • Thank you. I am really struggling at the moment even though they told me first cycles often don't work and we have a lot of attempts at this (up to 5 more if we get frozen ones each time). I'm just exhausted and my body feels all out of sync so the thought of going through this multiple times is horrible! I'll just focus on getting back to normal before round 2 (FET so not quite as bad as a fresh cycle). I hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy xxx

  • I gave myself about 8 months to get back to normal and feel ready again so I know how dreadful you are feeling now but it will get easier. Also a FET is not as difficult as a fresh cycle and has high success rates as you are not swollen and sore after egg collection. Here if you ever want to talk xx

  • Thank you xx I honestly don't know how I'd cope without this forum xx

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