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Miracles do happen-keep going x

Hi everyone,

I haven't been on here for absolutely ages but wanted to share my story. I went through IVF last October and found this forum absolutely invaluable. I was incredibly lucky and got a BFP and went on to give birth to a beautiful baby boy on 22nd July.

I wanted to come on during the pregnancy to announce the good news but I struggled so much to believe the pregnancy that I just couldn't do it. I spent my whole pregnancy feeling scared that it would be taken away and only when he was born did I finally accept it. I even delayed going into hospital when in labour as I just didn't believe it would happen. My labour in the end was 6 hours from first contraction to delivery and although he had to have a ventouse as he got distressed, all was straightforward.

I always read everyone's posts on here and sympathise so much with everyone. However I wanted to share my story as I read so many people saying they feel paranoid and scared after getting their much longed for BFP. There is no point in me saying 'try and enjoy it!' Because that was said to me so many times and it felt impossible. I guess I still feel a bit sad that I couldn't let myself enjoy pregnancy but at the end of the day, I have my beautiful baby now and that is all that matters. I would say just get through every day, every scan, every appointment and enjoy feeling them move and grow as much as you can. The 9 months ends and your beautiful baby will be with you and you will look back and wonder why you couldn't relax and enjoy. But that's what this journey does sometimes and we just have to accept it. I would also say, for anything at all ever worries you, speak to a doctor or midwife. Don't apologise for this being the most precious baby ever and don't suffer when if you ask a question, you will be reassured. People who haven't had our journey won't understand but it doesn't matter. Look after yourself and just keep going.

That's probably enough from me but I hope it might help some of you guys in the early stages of pregnancy. You deserve this. Keep going. And all of you who haven't got there yet, use this forum, talk to others who know what you might be going through and remember every single emotion you feel is real and uncontrollable xx

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What a wonderful post, thank you so much for writting this. I needed to read something positive like this. It seems true no one else understands, all I get from my mum and sister is "think positive" " you will be fine", but they don't know it will be!!! A big congratulations to you and enjoy this time with your baby boy. I have my ivf appointment next week. I am scared but also want to try and be positive. But I am also scared as iv had failed treatments in the past. Thanks again for the reassuring words xxxx

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I'm really glad it helped even a tiny bit. Infertility has been the biggest challenge in my life and has changed many relationships in my life due to the overwhelming jealousy and anger I felt at times. I completely understand the frustration at those sort of comments. I think other people close to us feel quite helpless at times though so it's hard all round.

Good luck with the IVF. Try to out previous failed treatments to one side and start again with this one. That was the only way I could get through things. I will think of you xx

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Thank you so much for sharing, I am going through a third miscarriage at the moment so really need some PMA right now... We will be trying FET in a couple of months hopefully. You are so right, people who haven't been through this just cannot understand... I haven't even told my family about this one as I can't face all the questions and pity. This was our first round of IVF and before we started my sister offered to be a surrogate for us, which is obviously a lovely gesture but I felt like saying 'hey we haven't even had a good go at it yet and you're expecting us to fail!' Infertility can really mess with your emotions and rationality xxx


What a lovely post! We have just had out BFP last week and I keep telling myself to enjoy it!! I do feel strangely calm at the moment but we have a scan next week and this is where our last bfp dream shattered, so thank you for reminding me to enjoy it day by day. It will be so worth it when we have our precious baby in our arms safe and well. Enjoy your new little family. Xx


So wonderful to hear your lovely news. It is a shame when we finally do get that longed for BFP we are terrified the entire pregnancy but it helps to know others have felt the same but ended with a wonderful baby in their arms ❤️ Enjoy being a mummy and thank you for sharing your story xxx


Such a lovely post and congratulations! I'm 13w2 after a miscarriage last time. While I am so grateful I have been so sick on it and really struggling to invest. It's not been easy and I resent the way I've been robbed of being excited as it's harder than I ever imagined, yet I know I shouldn't complain!

Congratulations again xxx


Thanks for sharing! Keeping on moving is definitely blessed sooner or later. Our fertility journey started years ago. After the 2nd year of TTC came to its end with no result and first testings done we got to know about our problems. This was my endo. dh - low count and sperm motility. We were so anxious with what was happening to us both that made decisions in haste. Tried IUI, ICSI with no luck. I guess they just wanted to loom our money. Then we changed the clinic, went to Ukrainian Biotexcom. There we were explained we had tiny chances of conceiving with own eggs. So our RE suggested us to take egg donation route. We booked 5-shots program saying "guaranteed result". It took us 3 shots to get pregnant. (The 1st att. - BFN. The 2nd one - early miscarriage). All in all, 5 twws which we had to survive.

Thankfully it is all the thing from the past now. But I also willingly share my story with others. For them not to feel alone on the path and just know we have to be strong and determined. Miracles do happen! :)


So glad to hear your news, I've been meaning to message you. Well my good news is that after a second cycle, my boss is now 13+4 weeks pg. She's having her first thyroid assessment next week, but this time they've kept her on the lowest dose of her normal meds, which I think helped. She hasn't announced it yet (not even to me 😕) and is wearing the baggiest stuff imaginable. I couldn't understand this at first, but after talking to my charge, who has also guessed I realised she's in denial a bit. I will chat to her after her appt and see if we can't get a bit of encouragement and excitement going. Any tips gratefully received xx


Congratulations on your baby. God bless you and your family.

Thank you for sharing your story. I associate pretty much with being worried for feeling or not feeling something and anxious for every week till the next scan.

I keep telling myself it will just be until I pass the 12weeks curfew but who am I kidding, I believe I will be like this till babies are finally in my arms😊.

It's like you said, you weren't able to enjoy prenancy but God blessed you with a healthy child so now you will enjoy (double ) being a mum ❤.

Wish you all the very best xxx


So glad to know about your success. How r u now??? Hope the baby is doing good. I really want to see him. How he looks??? I am sure he is as charming as his father :)


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