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Clinic change?

I'm with an NHS clinic but self funding and although they've been lovely, the pre treatment really has been quite 'casual' in terms of getting up to date tests on ovarian reserve etc to make a tailored plan. Just had 1st icsi (low sperm count) but I got bumped from 225 to 450 menopur for 5 days. Got 10 eggs. 5 fertilised. By day 2 they were top quality. Day 5 we got two blasts b's and c's (can't remember exact grade). Bfn.

Because our clinic is NHS the waiting times are massive. It will be 3 months for a follow up review and another 3 months before we could start again, but it is much much cheaper with free tests, scans, consultations.

Reading between the lines I'm wondering if my ovarian reserve has dropped given how much stimulation it took. And I'm thinking a) should we pay to get an AMH test (or would that make no difference to the end outcome of more icsi anyway). And b) should we change clinic to get next cycle underway sooner given possible low reserve? I know things decline from 37, which is my age now, if we waited with NHS I'm gonna be nearer to 38 it would be another 7 months away I guess.

Thank you!

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I would go for an informal visit to another clinic if you have one nearby. We had our first round on NHS and were very happy with treatment but moving forward we've been to visit two private clinics to compare. On the HFEA website you can compare information for up to 3 clinics. Worth having a look. Good luck with whatever you decide to do xxx

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Yeah, me and my husband had a very emotional discussion this morning and think it's worth cracking on. I think sometimes you get what you pay for. Good luck to you too xx

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I would move on to avoid those waiting times if you can afford to x

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