Do I change clinics?!

When we were first referred for investigations we were refered to sea croft hospital in Leeds and this is where we have stayed through out our journey. On one appointment I asked about the hospitals stats and the dr told me they were slightly lower but due to me been 26 and in a strong position everything would be fine. We have out nurse consultation on Wednesday to pay for treatment etc. Thursday night I couldn't sleep and for some reason decided to have a look at the stats for sea croft and I am astonished at how low the live birth rate is for under 35 yr olds. Around 150 out of 750. It says this is below adverage. When looking at other clinics hull is close by us and they have a higher success rate in my age category and are above average, is it worth canceling the appointment at Leeds and making one in hull? Would I have to go through all the bloods and scan and tests again or can they get the information from Leeds?

Thank you in advance! Xx

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  • If you're paying, I'd pay for the best otherwise you'd be gutted if you didn't and it didn't work. Good luck x

  • I agree with louisemac73

  • Id go with you gut feel, if you think hull is better then change. It's hard enough this process without thinking it won't work xx

  • Gave hull clinic a ring this morning and the lady I spoke to could not have been more helpful! She really was lovely which really helped! We have been invited to meet the team and have a look around. She told me how they have the best results in the region and how proud they are of there unit. I can't get over how much more helpful they are from one phone call compared to Leeds!! X

  • Def have to feel comfortable and happy with your choice of clinic Hun esp if ur paying. I think it's a really good idea to view the clinic prior to starting your treatment. It's so wonderful when you find a clinic so understanding and efficient makes the procedure much easier and less stressful. It's a difficult enough situation to be without any extra stress. Good luck with ur appointment , I hope it goes well for you X x x

  • Me and my partner were referred to hull ivf unit and the staff are brilliant!! They have the best success rates in this area and as a national average the success rate is great!! The staff are all so lovely and friendly, our consultant is by far the nicest doctor we could of wished for! Our treatment has just started and I am due to start taking norethisterone on day 21 and we can't wait after 4 ttc!! I hope it works out for you Hun.. Sending lots of luck and baby dust your way! :) x x x

  • Hi mrsb2b, we have been for a look around and a chat with the embryologist and dr i was so impressed! I'm not supprised they are the best within 200 miles! There in a totally different league! Makes Leeds look like the pits!! Referal in and request for records from Leeds complete!! Hull all the way we think!!!

    Good luck to you!!


  • Good luck to you on this amazing journey!! It's an emotional one but so worth it :) always here if u need a chat x x x

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