So when I just think I'm getting somewhere. Just got my blood test results and apparently I'm not longer immune from rubella. I now need to go see my gp for up to date injections. I was due to start ivf on my next cycle. Iv been told that when I have my injection the doctors may say that I cannot try and conceive for 3 months. Anyone else had same thing. I was just starting to feel more positive about the whole process.

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  • Totally feel your pain,

    I had the same thing I had to have rubella again, wait a month for another blood test to make sure it worked before I was referred so properly was 3 months, say I had the rubella done at the start but when they was checking my paperwork just before referral showed up not immune was gutted, I've had lots of knock backs on this journey with blood test going missing, to rubella, soon as I found out I rang doctors and got appointment the next day, no it's hard but keep positive I see it these little knock backs happen for a reason cx

  • Did the doctors tell you not to try to conceive for a certain period?

  • No they didn't but I can only have ivf to hopefully conceive,

    Best thing is get the appointment booked asap and see what they say,

  • I'm the same need ivf. Thanks for your help x

  • Say mind couldn't be referred until had the results back a month later, it is heartbreaking as it's another obstacle in the way, have you been referred yet x

  • I had the same, I was told there are two vaccines, one you have to wait 3 months and the newer one is only 1 month, just check your gp holds the latest one. It says in the info leaflet of the vaccine if they are unsure. They can order the latest one for you if they don't have it in stock. I was advised not to ttc until I was immune, my fertility clinic re did the test after, good luck x

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