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I'm here to encourage you

Unfortunately, my family faced with real disaster 4 yrs ago. My brother found out he’s sterile. After that he and his fiancé changed endless number of clinics and doctors, tried different cures but everywhere was the same result ‘STERILE’ – I hate that time and the most I hated seeing his eyes, there wasn’t hope anymore in those eyes. I remember how guest on their wedding wished them to have house ‘full of tiny legs which gonna make them awake each morning’, and I was furious to those guests. Parents, me - all suffered with them. But we had a first ray of hope when realized that exists some chances to have those ‘tiny legs’, but we couldn’t afford doing that right away, we started to check info, looked for variants all over the world and we prayed a lot. And each day was scarier than previous. All those myths about surrogacy made us … just exhausted… and one day they just made decision, solid decision and now we are just delighted with their strength. Of course it was scaring, but they just threw scares out and now I have the best nephew ever!

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It sounds like it has been a tough time for your family. But you don't say how they got the nephew? Did they adopt or did they get on to fertility treatment?

Congratulations to your brother and to you. 😃


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