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Having a bad day

I'm am 4 days post transfer today. Feel like crying over everything.

I don't think Google is my friend either. Been looking at symptoms of implantation etc but I have nothing a part from the odd twinge and sore boobs.

I have the urge to pre every half hour or less and don't feel like am empty when I've finished, getting check out for water infection.

2ww sucks


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i'm 3dpt & know how you feel - i had a little cry over a song on the radio earlier.

was yours a fresh or frozen cycle? i think 4 days is bit early for implantation.

try not to focus too much on symptoms - some women have zero & some have everything going. we are all different.

sending positive vibes



Hey, it's probably still a little early for to many symptoms and some women don't get any and still have BPF so hang in there. Think google is all of our worst enemies lol x


It's my 1st cycle so was fresh. We had a 5day blastocyst put back in Monday afternoon.

I tell my sister off for relying on doctor Google for answers and here I am doing it myself.

All sense of normal has gone out of the window lol.

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I had zero symptoms apart from af cramps and am nearly 19weeks. Nothing with boobs, no blood, no whatever else google says is supposed to happen.

Try to stay positive Hun and hang in there x


Smart phones and Google are the devil. Feel a bit better this evening.

Making my nephew's birthday cake so that will keep my mind off anything IVF for tonight



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