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When to test after embryo transfer


Hi everyone.

Was hoping someone was going through a similar experience.

So this morning was 8.5days post embryo transfer. Transfer was done on 27 June midday. I took a clear blue digital test. And the result was Not Pregnant.

Is there still hope to get a positive? I am going to the doctor tomorrow to do my blood test to confirm.

Anyone with similar results?

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Hello! How do you feel now? I had my embryo transfer 8 days ago. I feel very nervous. Really wanna create a poll on what’s better to do during this killing expectation!

I urge you not to be upset beforehand. Let your body have 2 weeks wait. It’s good period for being sure after blood test. Don’t haste to believe in the pee-stick tests.

In fact I myself need for support because I gonna go mad due to this time. but you have to hold on and believe, we are with you.

MrsPPK in reply to Toyfortroy

It has been a nerve wrecking week and a half. I find myself googling Every single thing. Watching you tube videos and of cause Eating pineapples.

I do regret testing, it really can put a damper on your spirits especially if it's wrong. So here's hoping after my bloods tomorrow that I can come back with positive news.

Looking forward to sharing my experience with everyone.

Did anyone take two weeks of bed rest ? I actually went back to work the next day. I don't have a strenuous job, so I thought it should be fine

Toyfortroy in reply to MrsPPK

I’m looking forward to your positive update! Nope, to be boned to bed throughout this waiting is like a sure death. Better for us to find an occupation which will give us an opportunity to focus on interesting things. It helps. I guess your work is a good way out of this mess

Good luck!! xx

Depends on the test and particular case.

In most cases people uses the red one to be sure because of the inaccuracy of blue.

So everything is possible.

Hi, I'm 7dp3dt and I tested this morning and negative, I tested yesterday too. I'm aware I'm possibly too early, so keeping some hope. Plenty of people don't get BFP til 10 or 11 days after transfer, and even later sometimes! So don't lose hope yet!

Personally I don't feel bad for testing early, as I can slowly get used to a fail if it is a fail, rather than wait 2 weeks feeling hopeful to then get bad news on test day.

But good luck to us both hey!!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🍀🍀🍀

MrsPPK in reply to Orla9298

Definitely keeping my fingers crossed For both of us.

Testing too early can definitely toy with your emotions but you right Atleast it prepares you for the worst.

Will be in touch soon 💞

Think it's a bit too early as others tested early and have bfp but others bfn and still go on to have a bfp on otd.

I caved and tested about 2 days pre otd and got bfp but then didn't believe it. You can't win! Probably why clinics advise not to test before otd.

Just realised that's a hell of a lot of acronyms!

Try and get out and about and do something fun to take your mind of it, you are still in with a chance x

MrsPPK in reply to emmab178

Thanks and a huge congratulations on your BFP. I think everyone's body reacts differently hence some have early positive some don't.

All the best for your 9 month journey 😊

Thanks for your reply

Possibly too early! Every pregnancy is different... don't get upset... so many times in my his forum alone you hear of ladies only getting a BFP at day 12, 13, 14, etc... the waiting is the worse I know... on the same boat but it will all be worth it! 👍😉

So looks like my home pregnancy tests were on point. My results are negative.

Better luck next time

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