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Am I Selfish?

I have just recovered from the removal of one tube/ovary and a large endometrial cyst. The other tube is too damaged to do its job and I now have a diagnosis of endo. I am due to start IVF in August but in the meantime I have been prescribed Livial HRT to help control my hot flashes and mood swings as my hormones are actually insane at the moment. I am really quiet adverse to taking them as I am worried about gaining more weight. I smashed on about a stone during the six months I was on Clomid and have lost 10lbs of that since coming off. I hated how I felt on Clomid - a bloated, angry, sweaty mess! I have read that HRT will help prep my uterus for IVF too as it thickens the lining. However the pills are still sitting in their box. Am I being a selfish asshole here? Can someone tell me their own experiences on HRT?

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Hi elmzeliza. Sorry to hear that you are feeling so negative. Do try the HRT as it is a whole different ball game, and should make you feel so much better. Clomid can make you feel dreadful anytime, as you found out. Trust what your specialist has prscribed, then hopefully you can move forward with some succesful treatment. Thinking of you. Diane

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We Have very similar stories. I had a tube and ovary removed due to an endo cyst in May 2016. The dr left a load of endo but I chose to go to ivf rather than have another lap.

My moods were absolutely crazy for months! Bursting into tears, extreme rage and really nothing inbetween. It took me 6-9months to get back to feeling normal even though periods returned to normal pretty quickly.

It was explained to me that the cyst was probably so big that it was producing its own hormones. Once it's removed it takes a while to stabilise.

I refused hrt but mainly because the incompetent dr suggested them along with a hysterectomy to "cure" the endo. (I don't know how some Drs are allowed to practise). So i stopped seeing him immediately after the post op meeting. Wasn't till after I found out he kept no operative notes and shouldn't have tackled my endo as it was severe and tangled up in my ureter and UL meaning a bgse accreditted surgeon should have done the lap. Anyway enough about that Muppet.

I had no issues with lining throughout the ivf.

Hope you feel better soon x

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