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Fertility clinic final appointment 😊

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Had my final appointment with the fertility clinic today. 8 weeks pregnant according to them (even though hospital classes me 8 weeks on Monday).

Can't quite believe we've made it this far. The scan was amazing. They spend so much more time with you than the hospital. Saw the heartbeat properly and the little umbilical cord. 😍😍

It is due near hubbys bday in Feb. Last baby would have been due on my bday in August. The previous baby and this one obviously prefer him lol xx

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So pleased everything is going well for you - delightful!! Hope it continues xxx


Glad everything was ok today and you got your pic 😍

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That was the first thing I asked lol and she accidentally pressed the button too many times so got a few xx

Glad to hear all is well, my 2 are due february also im having another scan today and then 12 week scan on 25th July all the best x

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Thank you. Hope your scan is ok can't wait for my next one xx

Oh great, Im so pleased you got to see your little one!xx


Hi Hydromermaid-1. Scan looks good to me. Just wanted to wish you well with your pregnancy, without any problems. Well done! Diane

Great news & lovely picture! Hope all continues to go well xxx


Great news. My 8 week scan soon. Excited but so nervous.

Good luck for rest of pregnancy xx

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Aw good luck xx

Yay! So pleased for you xx

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