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passing on the good vibes :)


Hello everyone sorry for the late night post, but i am feeling really positive for some strange reason...suppose it's better than feeling down, and I wanted to pass on my good vibes to you all. As some of you may know I am currently waiting to start IVF i was told we could start by the end of this year. I am trying to take the relaxed approach the best I can and its taken me a good few days to adjust but i am getting there. I have already had a massage today which has made me feel relaxed and i have already booked reflexology for next week. I have also bought a fertility wish bracelet and a good luck teddy whether they do anything or not it makes me feel better. I have started going to the gym more and just generally doing the things I enjoy and what makes me happy . I think its important to have something planned for each month too which you can look forward to. I have also learnt to appreciate all of the other things I have in my life, this has helped me to stay focused. So to anyone who is struggling with their journey to parenthood you are not alone. Please add any tips on what helps you feel positive so this thread can keep passing on the positive vibes. x

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Never apologise when you're feeling positive. Do what you're doing and spread the vibes. Thanks Lovely. x


All the best for your ivf. Great to be positive!

"what helps you feel positive"

In my case - reading successful stories and supporting others, so we can support each other in future.

Have the same situation as yours, I will try to start own IVF in the middle of the fall, if would be able to restore my health to "appropriate" level (when doctor says that I`m healthy enough).

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