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Started Clomid and...nothing

Call me mad. But I started Clomid last week and was anticipating a wave of all sorts of side effects. But nothing! And I say call me mad because now I haven't had anything out of the ordinary, I'm wondering if my body is actually acknowledging these hormones at all?! Am I actually wanting side effects??

Ok, the occasional hot flush. Seems to coincide well with the hot weather. No nausea, upset tummies, headaches or anything.

I'm wondering if I may feel different as my cycle goes on?

And I'm really contemplating buying some OPKS for the first time. Will they potentially show something now? My cycles are more regular now than ever even before clomid so I'm starting to get hopeful.

My poor husband probably thinks I'm never content having longed for some sort of treatment for so long and now I'm being grumpy about how I'm finding it (or not finding it haha). Could my grumpiness be a side effect?!

The mind boggles 🙈

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Hi Sarah. I took Clomid for 5 days last month and didn't get any symptoms either (apart from a very short period). My scan showed 4 follicles so IUI couldn't go ahead but the medication must have worked. I didn't take any this month and i had two follicles. Count yourself lucky I'd say 😁



I've done 4 cycles on clomid. I didn't notice anything for the first few weeks but I turned into a rage monster around the time PMT would kick in. The first time it happened I didn't know what had come over me and poor hubby took the brunt. When it happened the 2nd time we worked out it had to be the drugs. I didn't have any other side effects apart from these mood swings.

Good luck.


on clomid some may get different symptoms or some not at all . I don't really get any side effects any more from it anymore . Xx


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