Hi everyone, me and hubby are waiting on our first ivf appointment. I worked a post a few days ago about reflexology (which we are giving a go in the meantime). My question is if anyone had done reflexology or acupuncture and thenot had spotting?

It's not usual for me to have spotting. I didn't have a positive ovulation test this cycle-however I was later in testing to try and save on sticks so wondering get if i ovulate early and may have implantation bleeding. And then I'm a bundle of mixed emotions, all the while trying to not get excited.

Just looking for some input really.


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  • Hi

    I have reflexology but haven't had any

    Spotting I'm afraid but I don't normally. Do you chart your ovulation by taking your temperature. May save on sticks a bit? X

  • Yea I don't normally either... abit excited and abit nervous too lol.

    I don't track my temperature no. Have you found it better than strips?

  • I don't do strips. My reflexologist told me to track my temp using fertility friend app. It's really useful for tracking all sorts of symptoms and stuff. Fingers crossed it's implantation bleeding x

  • Thanks

  • The only way to confirm ovulation is by charting your temperatures. A positive opk only shows a surge. So it can be slightly unreliable if it's the only method used for ovulation. Ovulation is confirmed once your temperature rises for three consecutive days. Some women also check their cervical mucus and/or how open their cervix is but that's way too complicated for me lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ X

  • Ahhh.. I never realised that!!. Wow...thanks

  • Ps I second what Jacs0008 said about the Fertility friend app, it's invaluable xx

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