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Update! Feeling happy but still scared.....*UPDATE



Just a update from me! I had my egg collection yesterday and they managed to retrieve 10 eggs! I was so happy as i didnt have many follicles and was feeling really low and down....

Today not so long ago i got a call from the embryologist and im feeling happy... out of the 10 eggs 9 were mature and 1 which matured later on and 9/10 have fertilised!

Going to receive another call tomorrow but im expecting the numbers to get lower... but i hope i have atleast 1 to transfer and 1 to freeze xx

Update:- today received a call and all have managed to survive the night some forming 3 cells and some 5, grading is 2/3 is this any good? X

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Oh my goodness that’s amazing! Great number of eggs and amazing fertilisation rate. Sounds like the embryos are progressing nicely as well. Very best of luck for your transfer xx

Great number of eggs, different clinics use different grading systems so not sure about the grades but fingers crossed for the rest of your treatment x


Hi TRYING2016. All sounds pretty good to me. Hope the fertilisation continues to go well and transfer goes smoothly. Maybe a few to freeze?? Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you Diane!

Thank you everyone xx

Exciting update! xx

Awesome news. Got great chance ☺️ best wishes x

Thank you so much, hope it continues xx

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