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Help pls 😞 Bleeding and discharge 5dp5dt

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Hi guys,

Before I start I should give a warning it might contain TMI!

So after wondering that I had no symptoms (good or bad) on Saturday and whether I could test earlier, I ended up bleeding on the Sunday. It seemed to happen after the utrogestan pessaries but continued during the day. A light bright red flow (TMI alert) but quite watery and by evening became pinkish and then stopped. Happy days- I thought it might just be implantation bleeding.

However I had high body temperature and all the aches and pains usually associated with my period. Stomach cramps resolved.

But today (Monday) I started bleeding again since about 9am... It's been steadier and heavier and persistent- but mostly when I wipe it- doesn't seem to transfer into sanitary towel as much as you would imagine considering the flow!. I phoned clinic- nurse said to continue as normal- if gets very heavy/period like or pains then contact again.

I know there isn't much I can do- nor can anyone definitively tell me if it's ok or not.

But about midday I noticed it was 'clotting' more, and then I had this strange thick white clots- almost like glue. I thought it might be from the pessaries but this was hours after I took the meds and haven't had it the other times. I just read you can also get it during implantation stage.

So I'm at a loss! I know I should rest and not panic- a lot of it seems like implantation signs! Except for the steady bleeding in between. I've always been prone to irregular vaginal bleeding (not always menstrual) so I'm hoping this is a combo of both.

Any advice or similar stories would be appreciated. I always thought this IVF cycle was too good to be true- but Saturday I actually finally thought I was being silly and should trust in the process ! Just as I accepted it, this happened 😞

5 Replies

Gosh I can't imagine you're managing to rest and not stress at the mo!

I had implantation bleeding I think. But not the stuff after so I'm sorry I can't help! Hopefully some ladies on here will have thoughts x

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Saya85 in reply to emu2016

Thank you for replying as always emu ☺️

I was a little upset and worried yday and today but because it could be good or bad news I think I'm holding onto the faith and just making sure I don't stress out.

I've always had a strong faith and that's what's kept me going through the whole IVF so I will try and continue in that vain!

What will be will be- I believe it's for a reason. There were so many other blessings in this treatment cycle and my worst fears unfounded so I take comfort in that.

If it is bad news.... Thankfully we have 10 Frozen embryos left.. And maybe the break from the OHsS symptoms may help next time.

Anyways I'm not out of the count yet! And the bleeding is lightening now... So let's keep hoping xx

Sound mind as ever! Keep going! How many days to OTD? Everything crossed. I'm even adopting the same 'what'll be will be' for my scan on weds. Can't keep worrying myself xx

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Saya85 in reply to emu2016

This Saturday I take the test. I will probably take it on Friday also. (Maybe Wednesday if I think it's worth it!)

Oh good luck on your scan! Yes I believe there is far too much that is out of our control for us to drive ourselves mad over it.

Will look out for your update this week xx

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emu2016 in reply to Saya85

Fingers crossed for a happy week xx

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