Horrendous toothache whilst pregnant

just looking for some advice. Whilst on IVF meds I had toothache and dentist said I needed a root canal but they first had to put a temporary filling then when that had settled do the root canal. In the meantime I got pregnant. It wasn't until I asked the dentist if it could still be done safely when pregnant to be told no due to further xrays needing to be done and all they could do was keep re doing the temp filing. So far the filling had needed to be redone twice in as many months with horrendous toothache each time. I'm now on a course of anti biotic in case of infection and was told to take paracetomol when needed. Now I'm stressing about taking meds but I know an infection could be more harmful than the drugs. I just don't want to take any pills if there's any minute chance it could affect the baby. I know I'm probably over reacting but the stress had reduced me to tears and I just don't know what to do. I'm not sleeping well because of the pain. Just wondered if anyone else has been on this position and how did you cope? Thanks for listening xx

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  • You poor soul, toothache is horrendous, sorry can't help you advice wise, but hope you are toothache free soon ❤💋

  • I'm 16 weeks Friday and just cracked half my molar off (which has a deep filling that should have been a root canal). Luckily no pain or blood and I'm off for an emergency dental appointment tomorrow. I only went to the dentist last week where he said everything is fine but no treatment allowed whilst pregnant. However if I google it the US say local anaesthetic is ok in second trimester and to not do any treatment is old school thinking.

  • glad you're in no pain. I've never had toothache like it. It's really the worst feeling. But probably nothing compared to childbirth ha ha! Hope you get sorted. I'm going for mine extracted today. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Are you having it Just under a local? I'm thinking no pain YET :-(

  • hope you remain pain free. Yes the dentist can do it under local but they use a different anaesthetic to normal when you're pregnant

  • Good to know. Good luck for today. Hopefully all pain will be gone soon. I can't get an emergency appointment in chester (I'm up here for work) so I've got to go all the way to Hampshire to see my dentist at 5pm and get 'I told you so' from him.

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