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ICSI Successfull Stories

Undergoing my second IVF/ICSI at the moment.

First one successfull - a very naugthy baby boy about to turn 3 years old next month.

A lot more nervous this time around...

On Buserilin and Menopur at the moment. Prior to start of MENOPUR, already had some small follies. Going for my first scan on wednesday.

Any people experiencing the same? Any sucessfull stories of second successfull ICSI?


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Hi Kattalex1. We too are on our 'second time around'. We had 1 unsuccessful round of ICSI but we're lucky enough to have 2 Frosties. We then had a successful FET and are now the proud parents of a delightfully independent 21 month old girl.

We are due to begin treatment to transfer our remaining Frostie over the summer. This time feels more terrifying and stressful as this is our last chance. Although my friend went through one successful round of IVF and then went on to have a second child again with IVF.

I know I've not really been much help ☺but I'm here wondering the same as you.

Lots of luck on your journey ❤️

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Thanks for the support...

good luck with second Frostie...

I dont know why, but feel a lot more pressure this time. The first time, i was a lot more relax. I guess the first time, i thought - it will be what it will be .... But now, because we were successufl the first time around, we just expect the same again, although there is no garantees. we had one fertilised egg transplated the last time around, so subsequently one implanted and one baby boy at the end of it.... What are teh odds of that?????

I know people that have tried for years and some are still trying so i guess they already know how it feels like to go through all the pain of failure.

I guess am just so afraid of failing!

Keeping positive and trying my best!


I'm exactly the same. I feel so much more pressure this time. Again I think it is because this is our last chance as we can't afford to keep paying. The first times we didn't feel as much pressure as we knew we had 3 rounds of ICSI available to us.

Keeping everything crossed for you xx


Hi Kattalex1. Just wanted to wish you well with your next cycle, and of course for a positive result. Lovely to hear that you have a young son, albeit a naughty one! Let's hope he soon has a baby brother or sister to entertain him! Good luck! Diane

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Keeping positive! :)


First scan today... feeling tired.... 😟


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