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4 weeks after... 😊

4 weeks on from my egg collection and I finally feel like I'm back to myself again. I underestimated what a gruelling progress ivf would be on me mentally!

My body is back to normal, hormone weight nearly all shifted thank goodness 😊

We have our next appt in 5 weeks to start FET after having to have time out due to OHSS.

Mister's gone to work today, so I'm going to the travel agents to book us a week away in the sun before it all kicks off again and our heads are clouded with all things ivf.

There seems to be babies and pregnancy announcements all around us at the moment & for the first time ever, I actually feel drained by it. It's so hard being their supports when it's what I want so desperately 😤 Pram building foe someone else was the breaker 😓

One day....hopefully it'll be our pram being built by me.

Anyway, what is meant to be,will be. And I just have to keep reminding myself of that and remain positive.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and the sun is shining 😊


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Ahh jade you give me hope! I was so bloated after egg collection I couldn't even lean forward- I felt like I was 9 months pregnant!

Thankfully it is easing now. We were given the option of freezing but decided to go ahead with fresh as other signs were mild.

I was told that FET would be far easier! No OHsS risk with the drugs and far easier hormonally/mentally also. So hope it works for you!

I almost considered delaying just so I could get a week away in the sun too! 🙈

good luck xx

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I was the same. I had 34 eggs collected which is a mammoth amount! So the bloating & pain was pretty nasty.

At firstI was so disappointed with a freeze all but now I'm so glad of it, I don't think I could have coped 😕

Looking forward to the next stages now and a week in the sun will definatley help!

Glad to hear yours is settling now, have you had your transfer yet? Best of luck xox


Oh wow! 34!! I had 25 collected out of a possible 60 and I thought that was huge lol.

They didn't tel me anything about bloating or swelling they just were concerned I wasn't feeling sick or in pain.

I had the transfer on day 5- they said the embryo was really good quality and everything else has gone smoothly so I thought I would continue... If the OHsS had been any more severe I would have frozen too.

Definitely I think you made the right choice for you though!

Why not give yourself the best chance and recover instead.

Well I'll be looking out for your news in future ! I find out next week if it was successful... I feel so 'normal' that I'm Worried nothing has happened :/

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I've had a meltdown this week! I was sure I wouldn't but it happens to us all I think!

Depending on how this cycle goes as many things can happen at many stages I'm 100% sure I'm doing this one time only as i feel this one issue has dominated too much and for too long and I'm not willing to lose myself in all this anymore and to become anymore consumed by it all x

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And get that holiday booked I did two weeks before we started the treatment - but word of advice pick an adults only hotel lol I counted 20 pregnant women round the pool in one day lol 😂

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Ahh I am the same, I have said that i will not do the whole cycle again. We have 4 frozen embryos so fingers crossed we won't need them all but once there gone, that's it for us.

I can't let myself or my partners life be ruled by this forever.

I am planning on an adults only resort. And out of school holidays so fingers crossed we get a peaceful holiday xox


Aww I'm so sorry to hear both of your experiences of IVF. Even though hubby and I have been trying for years it was a very long drawn out of process because of pcos- felt like we weren't getting anywhere so IVF was an exciting time for us- finally things were moving. I found the short cycle IVF brilliant! But the 6 months leading up to actually starting the IVF was a nightmare.

I deliberately made a point of not obsessing about it even whilst going through it. I saw how it consumed my best friends when they went through it and I was determined not to get to that stage. And I avoided forums until now lol.

Hope you both get the peace and relaxation you need to recover

Out of interest have you both had long cycles? I think that is def a more strenuous process

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Sending love and strength ❤️

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It is tough and no one can appreciate just how tough it is until they've been through it themselves. It's physically and mentally draining. xx

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I was on long protocol. I went in with eyes wide open, prepared for anything but I underestimated just how difficult it would be. Trying to understand and process it all it's never ending.

I have no knowledge about the frozen transfer side of things so there is going to be alot to learn for me again 😕

I think after a good few weeks off and a week away with phones off and just us we will be raring to go again.


Thanks for all your comments. Much appreciated xoxo

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People say that frozen is easier and in some ways it is.. However I found down regging awful because I had terrible headaches, the thought of going through that again has made me opt for a more natural cycle this time around. Is a natural fet something you could look into? xx


Oh really? I've not looked into a FET at all so I really don't know what I'm getting into 😏 I don't know what it entails. I suffer from migraines anyway so really hoping headaches isn't a side effect for me 😥

I've also not looked into a natural fet. What does that involve?xx


Exactly what it says. No daily injections. Transfer will coincide with your natural cycle. However im opting to have hrt patches to make sure my lining is thick enough; that's the good thing about it, drugs can be added. I'm hoping to find it a lot less gruelling than my medicated fet 🤞 xx


Oh ok. Sounds better! I've had a Google. 😊 Anything with less drugs. Although my cycle is not very reliable so I don't think natural would work for me.

Fingers crossed for you. Are you starting soon?xx


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