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Help - reco for acupuncture for pregnancy London

Hi, we have been trying for a baby for the past 5 years and have had 4 unsuccessful IVF treatments with the last 3 having very early miscarriage. I also have very irregular cycles so probably PCOS and been told I had high immunity and NK cells. We are now looking for alternative treatment so acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Do you have any recommendations of clinics / doctors? thanks a lot emilie

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There are Chinese medicine places all over London that do fertility acupuncture. Try the one near Chiswick Park station if convenient to you but as o say they are everywhere.


Please avoid the Chinese acupuncture shops you see on the high street.


Personally I would say, please try and stay away from ....... They promised us the world and I nearly spent over 3k on Chinese medicine and acupuncture. When it came to egg collection I didn't have any to collect. Worst cycle ever. This is my own personal experience and although it was unsuccessful for me, I can say I did everything I could. It almost cost us as much as another attempt at ivf though. Maybe it was just one of those things. I did find acupuncture relaxing though. Best wishes x



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