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Hi all, we are about to start our first round of ICSI following a failed IVF and one where we had to freeze the embryos as they were a bit slow to develop! We chose to do another fresh round as we had a 3 for 2 'deal if that's what you can call it 😉

So I'm feeling excited and anxious all over again. My acupuncturist is too busy with us all trying to squeeze in cycles before Christmas. Does anyone have any recommendations for someone near Harley street in London or out near Windsor. Please Message me if you do and good luck to all those starting too xx

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I’ve asked my acupuncturist here in Kent for a recommendation for you. When she comes back I’ll message you I am sure she will know someone


That's amazing thanks Hun. I in ascot by


I used this clinic. Near Harley street , London.

I love it. Very professional and super good service from reception to acupuncturist


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That’s where I go, they’re lovely aren’t they!


Great I'll try them. Thank you x


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