Hormonal tremors?? Help!

Please can someone help me.

I'm 45 and TTC our 1st baby after a few miscarriages.

I'm under a gynaecologist and been prescribed Chlomid, 3 cycles. I'm due to start it next week if I haven't caught this cycle.

My question is do any of you ladies suffer from hormonal tremors? They feel like an internal tremor and happen occasionally right before my period but happen quite strongly when I've conceived. I feel like a crazy person admitting it but it's quite odd. I'm thinking its hormonal surges but it's a little unnerving and I'm hoping one or two of you ladies have experienced it so can reassure me. It's happening again this morning.

Thank you.

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  • Hi BiarritzGirl. maybe could you ask your GP to refer you to an endocrinologist who can check out your hormones in detail, to see whether there is a link? Hope you soon get to find out what the problem is. Diane

  • Thank you.

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