Little update

Morning ladies I hope u are all doing I rang the hospital yesterday cause I was in sooo much pain for 2 days and couldn't handle it it happens I was down by the hospital and they said to go in and see the Dr...i explained everything that was happening and Told him about the early test...and he was pretty sure it's sounding like implantation but obviously it could still change to a negative but having a test that was a very faint positive he said to take it as a positive and to test if the bleeding got worse until then wait until Wednesday and take painkillers...still none the wiser I suppose lol but on the plus side I have stopped bleeding today 😊 just a few little ache pains down my legs...hope u are all doing well xx

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  • Sounds quite positive from what the hospital said? Everything crossed for u honey xxx

  • Fingers crossed for you lovely xx

  • Sounds positive everything crossed for you xxx

  • Sounds promising. All the best. x

  • So pleased to hear you are doing a but better and that the doctors think all is well...a big relief! Rest up this weekend and hopefully that positive will continue to get stronger xx

  • Thank u ladies fingeres crossed for all of u xx

  • Good luck lovely xxx

  • Thank u xx

  • Pleased to hear the hospital sounds positive! Hopefully all is well!!xx

  • Thank u lovely hopefully I don't another test yesterday and it come up the same so I don't know what is happening 3 more days can do the test that makes a difference...hope u r ok xx

  • Jeezo what a nerve racking experience you're having! I'm ok ta, started on stims now so at least the headaches have gone!!xx

  • Aww it's been a rollercoaster of a ride to be Fair I can't wait to know what's happening for real u know what i mean ? Not long then u will be on the 2ww wishing u all the best with ur journey and not so much of a rollercoaster as mine lol xx

  • Fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻❤️ x x x

  • Thank u hun xx

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