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So OTD today showed as negative. Blimin awful.

I have one more in the freezer, but wondering if anyone has tried embryo glue/ scratch and their thoughts. As thinking let's go for it for the next round and add the extras on to the package. I've just been sceptic about doing them before due to not a lot of evidence to show how they work plus the cost.

Have my consultation booked in to review this cycle in a few weeks and really want to explore options with him. This is now my 3rd failed round, and thinking why isn't it working?

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Sorry to see your bfn. It's so awful after waiting for two weeks. Thinking of you. I'm sorry I've not had experience of a scratch so can't advise there. Good luck with your next steps. x


I had both for my last round which was my first fet and got a bfp. Sadly at 8 weeks we were told the baby's heart had stopped but I would definitely do them both again xx


Hi. So sorry.

I have had both. I think there is very little evidence for the glue, and I only did it on the first go.. similar low evidence for acupuncture, but I enjoyed spending the money on that a lot more, and I can absolutely testify that time out for this (particularly on transfer day) REALLY helped keep me sane! I have spoken to numerous consultants/embryologists re the glue, all think not worth doing.

re scratch. again low evidence. I did it on 3 of my 4 cycles (once combined with checking my NK cells) and once combined with a hysteroscopy I needed anyway. All bfn. But really you need up to date evidence on it... I think the jury is out.



Scratch without a shadow of a doubt. There isn't so much evidence for the glue but it doesn't harm. I didn't use the glue I got hubby to have sex the morning of my fet transfer. I heard that sperm can have sticky qualities and also sex gets the blood flowing to the uterus. Not sure if it's true but got a bfp. Also would completely recommend a fertilty massage before. I am sorry about the bfn it's shitty and I have been there. Good luck with your journey. You can shop around for your scratch I found a clinic who did it for 215. Xxx


I never had either but I do sometimes think with ivf your in for a penny in for a pound. If you think you will always wonder "what if we had tried ..." then go for it. It can only do good not ha xx


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