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When can I have sex?!? (lol!)


Apologies for the random title ;) Starting ivf meds on Thurs & sprays on Sat. Just wondering if anyone knows the deal with unprotected sex? We did it yesterday morning, and looked at my flo app tracker thing & that was high fertile day! It's probably wrong but I can never tell when I'm ovulating anyway. I was intending to do a PT on Wed anyway but when am I supposed to start having protected sex? Or should I already be doing that? Typical if I got pregnant this month (although highly unlikely!)

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hi I was told not to have unprotected sex whilst taking ivf meds as although not proven, they can harm the embryo if you were to get pregnant. Good luck with the cycle 😊

We had unprotected sex the month before our first IVF cycle, I didn't think anything of it at the time and didn't want to miss a month of trying.

Nothing came of it (as usual) and my period came as expected. Then I did all of my injections and upon egg collection, they spotted an anomaly in my endometrial lining which could either have been a very early pregnancy (sac?) or a blood clot.

The Dr asked when we last had sex and I was saying "yes, but I had a period since then". The Dr's comment of "it may not have been a real period" was scary and I was asked to take pessaries and take a pregnancy test after a few days.

The IVF cycle failed and my pregnancy test was negative but the time of not knowing either way was terrible. I was so worried about the impact of all of my medication on what could have been an early pregnancy that my advice would be, abstain! The Nurse also recommend using protection for the month before the cycle as it isn't worth the worry. I must have been the only woman at the clinic hoping for a BFN.🙈


Hi Lilli79. Your clinic will have guidelines on this, but generally speaking, they prefer you not to have actual unprotected sex, see what they say. Diane


I was told not to have unprotected sex from the start so about a six weeks before I start injections x

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