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Will AF ever appear...? Any tips?

Every morning it's the same. Wake up early. Take temperature. It's still high. Pee on a stick thinking 'maybe, just maybe, maybe, is that a second line, please, please, please, wouldn't that be incredible, a natural miracle just before I start jabbing myself in the belly with needles, could it really be...?'

Nope. The stark white gap of emptiness glares at me indignantly. Again.

And so I keep waiting for AF to show. Now 4 days late. I'm NEVER 4 days late. The one time in the past 18months I really want and need her to come, she goes into hiding!

It's a weird limbo. Like I'm waiting for my body to comply with the fact we're about to start Cycle 1. But she's sulking in her room and I'm starting to think I'll never have a period ever again. Ever.

Ladies, any tips on getting AF to get a move on? I'm having hot baths and using a hot water bottle (not what I want in this heat!) meditating, relaxing, eating well, doing 'moderate' exercise and trying not to stress.

Any suggestions would be great!

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Sulking AF! Great description! Like a moody teenager and does what she wants! This is the case for a lot of us I think! Just a question of time x


Thanks Emu! She finally emerged from hey sulk yesterday, 10days late. Phew!


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