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Stimulation injections

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone answer my questions.

I'm talking Suppression and stimulation injection every day one by one below the tummy, lower abdomen portion. I need to take these injections until Monday. But now it's really sore on abdomen area. Can I switch to thigh fat?

Does it make any difference of response at the end.

Please share your experiences

Thank you

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Hi Sara_123. Ouch! Not nice when they get so sore! The down regulation injections should really be given in your tummy. Work in a "smile" from left to right under your navel. Switch to your thighs for the stimulation ones. Try melting a cube of ice on the spot before injecting, as it often numbs the area. Put the needle slowly in, inject slowly and pull the needle out slowly afterwards. Alternatively you can ask your GP for some lignocaine gel to apply in a "blob" half and hour before injecting. You would need some clear dressings too to cover the blob, then remove and wipe it off - results in a nice numb area. Good luck with it all. Diane

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Hi Diane,

Thank you very much for sending in the information.

I'm going to try tomorrow what you have suggested:)



Hi Sara_123. Hope it all becomes much easier to do for you. Diane


Yes, I'm not good though my hubby does for me :)

They also have to do some work ha ha ha :)

Am I right?


Hi. Bless him! I think it's good that they get involved, and it's nice that he wants to. Diane

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