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Looks like we have to abandon this round!

I had a letter from my oncologist today to inform me that my latest colposcopy results were abnornal and that i needed to be seen in clinic next week to discuss this. This news was always going to send me into a bit of a panic but to make matters worse im due to have my FET on Friday this week! I rang clinic and was told that i will probably have to abandon my cycle but that i will have confirmation tomorrow! Im devestated- i have no idea how severe the abnormalities are or if i wilk need further treatment. Just as i thought things were finally falling into place!

My question is, if i do abandon will this still count as a round on the NHS?

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Oh I'm so sorry. What rotten news to have when you're just getting yourself geared up for transfer. I don't know about the NHS cycle I'm afraid but wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. x


Thinking of you so sorry 😐 xx


So sorry to hear this Amy, so frustrating & worrying for you. Hope everything is ok there. As far as I'm aware that won't be one of your cycles used because it's had to be abandoned for other reasons, definitely give your clinic a call to put your mind at rest though xx

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Thank you. I'll have to call clinic later if the cycle has to be cancelled anyway so can ask then- im so gkad that i found out about all of this before they started to prepare my little frostie! I guess im more worried that if i cant transfer tomorrow i may never have another opportunity. Its going to be a long week awaiting results! X


I'm sorry that you are going through this, heart breaking. But this is why we get tested to detect any issues early on. Once you get your treatment you can start over, but imagine if u hat your FET and then got the news? That would so devastating. You sound strong and I admire I hope they can treat you rapidly and then you can move forward.


Hi amy,

Really sorry to hear this. Recently there is one news came up about now Scotland NHS will provide 3 nhs cycles. I'm not sure where do belong to in UK. But if you are within this area even though if they exclude or cancel first cycle still you have 2 cycles in hand.

Good luck..


Oh god what bad timing!! I hope that u r ok and your health has to come first-wondering if u can see if they can pull your appointment forward as an exception if u explain to them u r due for FET so need to know whether u can go ahead!! Whatever happens I hope that u r ok xxxx


Clinic runs once a week, i spoke to the nurse specialist and i will need a general anaesthetic for more tests so had to abandon the day before transfer. Im gutted, but glad that it all happened before transfer. Just hope we get another shot once all of this is sorted :(

Thanks for the support girls. X


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