Update I was longing for so long

Hello everyone!

I had tough times and haven't posted anything here. However, I have big changes. I found a clinic in Ukraine to have surrogacy there, we signed a contract and after 2 months of waiting we realized that nothing happened. We argued with a manager and doctors, we asked why they did nothing but the only reply was "We are sorry, you need to be patient and wait till we find a surrogate mother for you". To say I was crazy with anger at them that I made a hasty decision to stop cooperating with that clinic. Of course my impressions about Ukraine became awful. I didn't get why so many people go there and how it happened that they are satisfied. We were going to get back home but were recommended to visit another clinic. In a nutshell, we signed a contract and were told that they could find a surrogate mother within a month. Of course we didn't believe as we heard such things before. However we hoped they were more responsible. And they are. On May 8 I got an email which has it "your surrogate mother is pregnant. hcg level is 619". No need to describe my happiness.

Today she had an ultrasound scan (6 weeks + 2 days). She is pregnant with twins!!! Heartbeats are strong and rhytmic...that's my babies. I still can't believe it happens for real.

Sending hugs to all of you xxx

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  • Beautiful!!! How wonderful and exciting xx

  • Thank you Emu! Congratulations to you as well! Take care xxx

  • Wow, that's such great news. My congratulations. So happy everything ended up in positive result. Good you tried it with another clinic.. Better not to judge from one place .. though I know such situations often make bad impression of the whole country. I wonder what clinics are those you are mentioning .. That's just I'm about to go into the process with one of them in Ukraine as well. I've heard a lot of favorable feedbacks about it.. but would like to ensure I'm doing the right thing and avoid any possible contingencies and not hesitate ..x

  • Hi haramilana. Fantastic news! Just wanted to wish you well with all of this, and that your surrogate has a trouble free pregnancy and birth. Thinking of you. Diane

  • OMG! Your post made me nervous!

    At first, my congratulations with bfp! Happy you managed the problem. Twins, it's like an award for a long waiting..Your new clinic seems more reliable. That's why I'm confused....

    I'm in waiting now for approving our surrogate. It has been almost two months and I still don't have news...I'm starting to worry now...what clinic do you talk about? cause I had a contract with one of those in Ukraine!!!! Maybe I should ask them about advancing the searchng...

    So scared....

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