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Feeling of a full uterus - can this be from acupuncture?

Hi Ladies,

So, I posted before about not being able to shift my weight since ivf despite doing a very focused detox for over a month. My tummy and legs feel bloated which I've heard can be down to too much oestrogen. Over the last few days I've felt full in my uterus and almost like it's stretching. Sort of like when you're expecting your period a few days before. I'm mid cycle so definitely not that. I've had 3 periods after my bfn in May and I've been having acupuncture. Do you think this fullness is linked with the acupuncture? I'm due to start down-regging on Friday so am a bit concerned now that things aren't right. I had no follow up scam or blood test after my bfn so have no idea if things are ok or not. I don't really want to start again if there's a problem. Has anyone had this themselves? Thanks for any feedback in advance. Vic x

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