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One step closer! Feeling more positive 😀

So after seeing the fertility nurse and being told our only real option after us trying for two years was IVF, I was on a bit of a downer about the whole thing. She told me to go off and get a chlamydia test and high v. swabs done before I could have my lap and dye and she would get the fertility clinic to contact us with an appointment. So today my tests have all come back clear so I have rang the hospital and started the process on the lap and dye and I couldn't believe it but our appointment has come through the door today for the fertility clinic for in two weeks. I know I may have to wait a long time for treatment to start but all in all I'm feeling pretty positive, so I'm going to run with it today as there will no doubt be some very difficult days to come, but for today I am happy and I wish all you lady's plenty of baby dust 😀❤️😀❤️ x x x

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Exciting times ahead! x

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Should be pretty quick now you've got the fertility clinic appointment! Exciting! Xx


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