Boys Boys Boys!

Hi lovely ladies.

We have passed another milestone. yesterday I had a 17+5 scan and I know I have 2 boys!!! Hopefully they are great boys, strong and healthy. Their heartbeats are so rhytmical and around 145 per min. One of them was a bit more active and I know whose movements I felt during the last week. They are in 69 position now which I find quite sweet. Hopefully my pregnancy is really smooth so far, I just feel tired a little faster than before. Most likely I'll have a c section and honestly I'm scared of it. I know it's needed to avoid any risks for babies but still it's an operation. I haven't thought about it before and now a bit confused.

Anyways, nothing can upset me now hwen I know that my sons are safe and sound. I'm so grateful to all of you, ladies who supported me and shared my happiness as well as concerns. Sending you lots of love! xoxoxoxo

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  • Lovely to hear positive news 😊 xx

  • Thank you!!

  • What lovely news! xx

  • Thank you!!

  • Congratulations πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • thanks!! xx

  • This is a lovely post 😊 wishing u well through out ur pregnancy xx

  • thank you!!! xxx

  • Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing Minerva17! πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Thank you hun!!!

  • Wow! many great news today! what a day!!!

    My congratulations!

    Don't worry about c section! At first it's too early to panic about it, at second maybe there wonΒ΄t be a necessity in caesarean. You still can do it naturally! lots of love x

  • Thank you!!

    I'm just this kind of person who worries about everything. my husband says if I have no reason to worry, I will definitely create one on my own haha. I'm almost sure that if obgyn says I need to deliver my babies naturally I would be concerned about it as I'm over 40 and it's twins. so, I just need a reason. Anyway, thanks for support!xxx

  • Oh I get it! I'm also worry about everything! we need people by our side who would calm us down and not allowed us to overreacted...tha's why we are here for. To hear from other people that everything will be alright!

    Even if it will be a caesarean, you just make ypurself sure that you are in good hands! A successful c section depends on qualified doctors.

  • You are right, we are too vulnerable and need someone to pacify us . If I was alone I'd go crazy for sure.

    right you are again. maybe it's too early but I'm going to start new research on where to have labour.

  • Huge congratulations!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery when time comes :-)

    One question: 17+5, does that mean 17 weeks and 5 days? I've seen this format a few times but not entirely sure if I'm right in my assumption? All the best

  • Thank you so much!

    Yes, you are right) It took me a while to understand how doctors calculate pregnancy term as well. Wishing you all the best too xxx

  • Thanks Minerva :-) Trailing quite far behind you, but learned about our first BFP exactly a week ago so over the moon! Xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • Thank you Rosie xx

  • Beautiful news.thank you for means so much to alot of us that we can also hold on to hope.enjoy your boys .😊

  • Thank you Lawmom!! I hope every woman will achieveeverything, just don't lose hope xx

  • Congratulations Minerva, 2 wee boys. What an absolute treat 😍

    Don't worry about the birth what will be will be.

    So excited for you. Hoping the rest of your pregnancy is carefree xx

  • Thank you LBM!! I'm also overexcited! Want the time goes faster, want to see my boys. I hope you'll be as lucky as I am and the clinic won't disappoint you. I can share only positive feedback about it. Maybe communication is not the best but all managers are so busy so it's undersandable imo. wishing you all the best in return. Hoping to see good news from you soon xx

  • Thanks Minerva, all docs now submitted to just excited to be heading over. Will keep you in the loop 😘

  • So happy to read this update and to know that all is well with you and your precious cargo!

    It's posts like this that give me hope, thank you xx

  • Thank you so much! It's the best support for me to know that my own life could give someone hope. Wishing you lots of luck with your first cycle, hope it will be as successful as mine. btw, as far as I know, among Progynova's side effects you can't find the one you have with your weight, at least I didn't have such issue when was taking it. xxx

  • πŸ’™πŸ’™ this post...its gives me faith in the process when I need it...congratulations!! xxx

  • Thank you so much!! I'm glad to give a slightest faith in success! xoxo

  • Awww lovely news xxxx

  • Thank you!!

  • My big congrats dear! Take care for yourself and everything will be fine!

    And in any risk situation try to trust you are under protection of the professionals. I was always afraid of doctors but when it needed to have a treatment I held the opinion that I was in safe keeping. And that still works.

    of course, it's naive but what the best way to be calm?

  • Thanks for your support Bloo. Your words make sense but it's so hard to focus on a positive outcome, I mean to trust others as they know know better. All doctors I had a deal with were professionals although I knew that it was bearly relevant when you were shaking with fear. Anyway, I'm doing my best to stay calm and positive. xxx

  • Very exciting and inspiring to hear this. Thank you for sharing and wishing you all the best for you and your boys. Xxxx

  • Thank you so much! xxx

  • Congratulations!! My girls send regards to your boys πŸ˜„ I'm told the changes of c section / natural birth are 50/50, with c section slightly more likely with over 37 year-olds, but everything will depend on the growth scans (here repeated after 20 weeks) so I guess we have time to get our heads around all the different options. I hope your pregnancy continues smooth and healthy! xoxo

  • Aaaaw, it's so sweet Nesfin! That's so wonderful to hear updates from your lovely girls! You are right, it's too early to worry about this and of course if c section is needed when the time comes I'll definitely do this without any hesitation. I'm ready for everything for my boys just nervous :-)

    Thank you sweetheart! Fingers crossed for your healthy and eventless pregnancy as well xoxo

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy and wow twins and 2 boys, wishing you all the best xx πŸ€β­οΈπŸ€

  • Thank you Leesalou!! xx

  • Congratulations. Amazing news. And honestly, don't worry about the C section - scheduled c sections are a fairly simply operation for obstetricians. Mine went very smoothly and they had me laughing in the operating room. From knife to skin to baby out, just a couple of minutes - and mine wasn't even an emergency c section.

    Recovery was okay too, just tiring and a bit sore. Id recommend investing in a very comfortable feeding chair - i was given one from family and it was awful - so I massively struggled with feeding post section. I am unsure how easy or diff it may be to feed with twins..that I cannot offer advice on.

    Just enjoy the pregnancy as much as you can. I was constantly worried as I was high risk for 3 factors, stage 4 endo, previous surgical history, IVF and being 40. Wish I'd relaxed more but it's hard for us all to do isn't it, after having been through IVF.

    Wishing you are your growing family all the very best xx

  • thank you so much Iloveeggs! Your words calm me down. C section is really an operation they perform daily and risks are not that high after all. You are great that you could laugh while watching all this! that's amazing and I can only admire your courage and fearlessness. I'm so glad that you recovered soon as I understand.

    Thank you so much for a chair advice, I'll take a closer look to it. Regardless of all those issues you had you succeeded! I'm sure you just gave so much hope to those who need it. Wishing you nothing but the best!!! xoxoxox

  • Wonderful news. Congratulations πŸ‘Ά πŸ‘Ά xxxx

  • Thanks dear!xxx

  • Brilliant news, you must be so happy and excited!!!!

    I am only able to have c sections as I have a permanent stitch around my cervix. The surgery to place the stitch is similar to a section, few days you will start to get better plus you will have the wonderful distraction of your boys! Honestly don't worry about it, it's very routine!x

  • Thank you! I am indeed, so that no words can express my feelings. Thank you for such a great support, it's very important now and every word makes me feel better.

    I'm sorry for your issue dear. Wishing you all the best on your 2ww! I hope everything will be alright and we'll be in the same boat. Fingers crossed xxx

  • Congratulations πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Thank you!

  • Good afternoon! it was too curiously to be speechless. I wanted to know how are your two boys and also how do you feel? Have you something interesting to share?

    My husband and I were in Istanbul it was the first time we had to leave our baby-angel alone.

    Time was passing by in rush. I couldn’t think about anything but her. Actually she wasn’t all alone ahah. My husband’s mom cared after Avril. She’s a high-skilled babysitter.

    But any way I didn’t notice any architectural heritages during our traveling i was captured by thought of her.

  • Hello Bloo. We are alright, thank you. I finally started to feel them kicking in the belly. I can't describe this feeling, it's fantastic! I still have morning thickness but it's okay, I used to copin with this. I enjoy being preggy anyway.

    Turkey, that's nice. I can imagine how tough it was to be thousand miles away from your baby. however, it's great to have a professional babysitter in your family, must be very useful. How are you now?

  • I feel amazing with all lately happening to my life. unfortunately I can’t share your marvelous feeling. No, it wasn’t correct. I’m really happy to know you are pregnant and you feel all these inner miracles. But as you know I can’t be pregnant myself. But I’m trying to imagine how it’s hard and wonderful at the same time!

    Thank you for sharing! It’s inspiring me to think in a very positive way.

    But I already know something about an art of being mom of newborn angel! It’s cool too you’ll have a chance to check it.

  • Thank you Bloo! Not that it's hard because I really enjoy my pregnancy and everything what happens now. My only concern is about my future labor. I want to do have vaginal delivery but I realize that it might be difficult or even dangerous at my age with twins. And according to what I've been told it's hard to predict the way that my boys would choose when time comes. I'm happy to know my updates are inspiring. Wishing you and your girl all the best x

  • Lovely news, so happy for you, how exciting πŸ’™πŸ’™ x

  • Thank you xxxx

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