Accupuncture - is it worth it?

After our failed cycle last week we have our follow up appointment on the 1st June. We have decided to go straight back into it as soon as we are allowed.

So, clean diet has started, all alcohol is out, daily exercise resumed too!!

However, as we only got 3 eggs last time with none in the freezer we have to go back to square 1! I am considering going for accupuncture- has anyone tried it & do you think it's worth it? Your opinions would be gratefully appreciated!

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  • Hi there; we're on our second round, first round only had 2 eggs on a day two transfer with none to freeze. I decided to go to a specialist Accupuncturist for the second round (baring in mind our clinic will only do next cycle after 6 months wait) so booked regular Accupuncture in (every 2 weeks) we just had our second cycle last week with no result as yet but had a much more positive cycle with egg quality - they collected 26 eggs with 16 fertilising and we had 8 which got to day 5, and 7 frozen on Friday and one put back.

    So although I have no other comment to make other than my body seemed to respond better. But if anything the Accupuncture allows time to relax when you really need so couldn't recommend any higher, but find a specialist in fertility ivf.

    Hope this helps and good luck x

  • Wow - what an amazing difference between the 2 cycles!! I think from that answer alone I've made up my mind!! Thanks & hopefully you will get the result you deserve x

  • Hi kitties kat, sorry to jump on the thread, but was everything else in your cycle the same? Exactly the same drugs etc? Thanks x

  • Yes exactly the same protocol

  • I'm about to have my first session tonight - i was a little skeptical to begin with but I'm willing to give anything a go :-) xx

  • I've been having acupuncture for the last year. Obviously aside from the BFN I was quite impressed with my first cycle (we got 14 eggs, 12 viable, 9 fertilised and 3 made it). I have been told I have to have 3 periods so all the drugs are out of my system. If you get given similar advise I would recommend you start the acupuncture in that time as opposed to only doing it immediately before. It is really good for relaxing you too and putting you in the right frame of mind. I would agree that you need a specialist acupuncturist xxx

  • I agree with LauraGU - the recommendation is 3 months of acupuncture before IVF. I had a BFN on my first cycle but my acupuncturist has been invaluable with her knowledge of IVF which helped support me during the treatment. She asked me to send her the results of each scan (of my follicles) and on the final scan asked me to come in for a treatment that day to try to stimulate my follicles I think to get the small ones to grow (or something like that!) I think it must have done something because we got 11 eggs and 9 fertilised. Good luck. X

  • I had it every week before starting ivf and right up 3dp3dt. I also made other changes to this cycle and my egg quality has improved. I was willing to try everything I'm hoping it's made a different . You can claim half back through some health insurances like sovereign health my acupuncturist kindly informed me which I'm grateful for as my appointments were £50 a time. X

  • I did acupuncture for my second round and had less side-effects from the Buserelin and a better number of eggs collected, and of better quality. Overall I felt a hell of a lot better through that cycle than I did with the first.

    I did also change my diet though to pretty much cut out gluten and sugar so it could also have been that.

    I would definitely try the acupuncture again though and will be doing it soon as I'm about to start a frozen cycle. You've got nothing to lose by trying everything you can!

  • Not sure if you've booked anything yet but I just found this website which might be helpful...

    Your post reminded me that I needed to get my acupuncture booked and I found that while I was searching.

  • I had my first session last night! The acupuncturist used 3 needles only - 2 in my right thumb & 1 on my ring finger left hand. Does this sound normal to anyone. She did talk a good game about fertility accupuncture but I want to check before I book another session!!

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