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Hi. I'm about to start my next cycle of ivf. After my first cycle miscarried we waited and decided to use our other frozen one. Just wondering if anyone has had used acupuncture and do you think it helped in any way to getting a positive result.

If you did you acupuncture. When did you start it and how long did you do it for.

Sorry for all the questions. 😮

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Hello, me and the wife are still to undertake our first IVF treatment but having been preparing for almost a year and half now. However in answer to your question, we are and have been seeing a highly recommended acupuncturist. She usually reccomends a course of 3-6 months

Where are you based? She's London based. Please feel free to inbox me for details



After I had a failed IVF fresh cycle in January I began accupuncture before embarking on a frozen cycle. Just as I was preparing for this I.e. Taking nasal spray I found out I was pregnant. I am now nearly 6 months gone and really feel that the accupuncture was a huge factor. It certainly can help! Good luck sweetheart hope you and your DH have your own luck soon.


I'm on my first IVF . It's my egg collection tomorrow . I started acupuncture after a friend saw an article in the newspaper but I have only managed apointments for last 3 weeks due to not knowing about it before . My 3rd apointment being tonight. I think she is then going to wait til after the pregnancy test to do any more. Will let you know if I get lucky in a few weeks.


Heyi did it last cycle for 4 months, made no difference to egg quality or outcomes, seemed to be lots of hype but not much substance. This time just going healthy eating and folic acid.

I think alot of this process is luck and miracles💕good luck xx


A friend of mine did before and during the treatment. May be total coincidence , but she got pregnant at the first try at the best Polish in vitro clinic in Gdansk.


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