Two blasto's in their new home..let the craziness begin πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ

Hey ladies well today was transfer no.4 with two little blastocysts ❀️❀️ When they called this morning one of them was a little behind the other but the embryologist said it could catch up over the course of the morning and it did 😊 There is a 3rd but they're not sure what it's doing, apparently it keeps trying to divide, collapsing then trying again. The fourth didn't develop at all. I'm loving no.3's determination and just hoping it succeeds so we have one in the freezer just in case, however we're just so thankful & grateful for the two we have so what will be will be..they're giving it overnight to see if it can develop enough.

I'm am DEFINITELY not googling this time 😬 Wishing all you fellow 2ww-ers and everyone no matter where you're up to lots of luck and positivity xxx

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  • Welcome to the 2ww club! x

  • Thanks emu, how's it going for you? Xx

  • Apart from missing medication yesterday, breaking down in tears today and panicking because I've not had any twinges today? Wonderful! 😜😜😜

    Bloody hell. x

  • Haha! Not funny really but it's amazing what the 2ww can do to an otherwise sane person isn't it 😳

    What happened with the medication? Xx

  • Good luck for the 2ww. x

  • Thank you _MrsC xx

  • Great news Georgina, hoping the 2ww flies by and is not too stressful. Wishing you lots of luck for a BFP in a few weeks xx

  • Thanks so much 😘 Xx

  • Lots and lots of luck!! Wishing you all the very best x

  • Thank you CountryCat 😘 xx

  • Good Luck I have everything crossed for you xxx

  • Thank you lovely 😘 Xx

  • Woohoo! Happy days my lovely xx.

  • Thank you darling 😘 Xx

  • Welcome to the of luck

  • Thank you, you too. How's it going so far? x

  • The waiting is killing me to be honest.Its going ok though no implantation bleeding yet.

  • Wishing you all the luck in the world :) xxx

  • Thanks so much Rainbow 😌

  • Yay, huge congratulations for making it this important step closer. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  • Thank you Gueritarubia xx

  • Fabulous news Georgina. Welcome to the 2WW craziness! πŸ€žπŸ€πŸ€ž

  • Thanks MrsB! Feeling pretty chilled so far & stayed away from google but if it's anything like my previous 2ww it won't last! 😳 Xx

  • Fingers crossed for you! PUPO! Xx

  • Thanks Hun 😘 Xx

  • Hi! Good luck! My transfer tomorrow, all being well! Hope you have success xx

  • Thank you Coracle, loads of luck to you too, have you heard yet? Xx

  • Congratulations, go number 3!!! X

  • Thanks Se99 😘 Still waiting to hear about little no.3, don't think they ring too early on a Sunday! Xx

  • Good luck & fingers crossed xxx

  • Thank you Pumpkin xx

  • Best of luck to you xx

  • Thank you Nyko xx

  • Good luck georgina Xx

  • Thanks Ro5ie xx

  • Yay! Two in! That's great. Another hurdle overcome. Xx

  • Thanks Lizzie, it's definitely a series of hurdles isn't it 😳 Xx

  • Good luck honey. When is test day?

    Keeping everything crossed


  • Thank you DC13, OTD is the 26th, feels like months away! Xx

  • Good luck to you Hun I hope you get the BFP at the end xxx

  • Thanks so much emma-Jane xxx

  • Good luck and hope this is the start of a great year for you x

  • Thanks so much Kelly, hope you're doing ok xx

  • Yes I'm ok x you take care of yourself xx hoping this is your time xx

  • PUPO! Good luck! πŸ€ X

  • Thanks Vicky 😘

  • Good Luck Georgina, wishing baby dust to you x

  • Thanks so much ditsy, how are you doing Hun? 😘 xx

  • Im ok, waiting for my miscarriage to happen. Take care of yourself x

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