A little update

So I had my fibroid scan done and results today! The consultant showed me how big my fibroid is 6cmx5cm ! I couldn't believe how big it is !!! I'm quite a small person and It looked huge! However !! .... where it's situated behind my womb at the back, fingers crossed it should cause little problems through pregnancy ' he said to remove it id need abdominal surgery and could risk weakening my womb... his advice was to leave it and go ahead for Frozen embryo transfer ! So we have our treatment plan for Tuesday to look at a June/July transfer !! Other good news was my lining was 10.1 ! So all looked well ... so FET it is !! 5BB and 4BB we are coming for you ! Xxx

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  • That is great news that your fibroid is out of the way! I am a fibroidy person too, and thankfully mine are 'out of the way' too, but that is a whopper! So glad he says you can go ahead, and your lining so good! and sounds like you have great frosties! Hope there is smooth sailing ahead! xx

  • Hi, at least you know now . . .good luck with your FET x

  • Ah that all sounds quite reassuring in a way! Good luck for your FET cycle babe, are you having medicated or natural? I had to go with medicated as I don't ovulate regularly xxx

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