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Sensitive question

Hello girls.

During the last few weeks I feel permanent hunger (I am 17 week preggy now). Well, it's not that I only want to eat but it's more like sex hunger. My husband doesn't understand what's going on, although I told him it's just hormones. But is it alright? Is it safe to have sex up to 4 times a day? I can't help being so close not touching him. The last sex I had a nosebleed and I'm scared, maybe it's too much? Am I the one with this issue? If someone has been through this, please tell me how to cope with this. Thanks in advance!

Mi xxx

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Hi. Good question! We all want to know that but are ashamed of asking :-D

I heard so many moans from women about contrary problem, they all don't want to have sex at all while being pregnant...some of them even get sick of that...can you imagine that?

Your case is interesting....I'm sure it's hormones. I asked my doctor about this issue. he says it's ok to do it if the pregnancy is going fine, a woman is healthy and there aren't any precautions, it's safe if you do it carefully.


To be honest, this is the reason why I'm asking it here. I just a bit ashamed of calling my gp and telling her about my weird sexual obsessions. When my friend was pregnant she told me that she didn't want to have sex at all and her husband suffered a lot. But I for instance can't even imagine how is that, not to want the man all the time. I've read that this period is great for couples because of the blood flow which makes women more sensetive in bed. It's true! Thanks for your reply anyway, it makes me feel better :-)


The only problem might be here is that you may not have your husband by your side every time you would want to. :) These are hormones for sure. But no way you could harm your baby doing so. Your baby would only enjoy that as much as you do. Scientifically proved fact that the baby fully connects to the mother and that's why feels all the same emotions mother does. ..As for your nosebleed ..that may be just high blood pressure.. Though it's worth consulting the doctor to stay calm. ..

So take care and enjoy your life.. x :)

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:-D:-D:-D:-D Right. Hopefully I stay in control when he is not beside me. Gosh, really? my babies can enjoy this as much as I do?? This fact made my day hon. I found an article and it has that nosebleed is a common thing now so I tend to believe it is so. however if it happens again I'll definitely contact my GP.

Thank you for reassuring me, I'm very gratefful for this. best wishes xxxx


Hello! Lucky husband ;-) I heard about these symptoms from my doctor. She warned me about this in time, though I didn't have such desire as you do :-) If you didn't feel the same before it means the hormones overtook you. I think it will pass away...and concerning the nocebleed it is a common thing in pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause the blood vessels in your nose to expand, and your increased blood supply puts more pressure on those delicate vessels, causing them to rupture more easily.

I had nosebleed several times, it's unpleasant and inconvinient but bearable.

take care x


Hi minerva17. Oh don't be embarrassed, I used to get asked this question loads, when I was in midwifery. I put it down to the fact, that for most of us we have tried not to become pregnant for so many years - as teenagers etc., then when we do get pregnant it is a perfect opportunity to have lots of sex. Providing your pregnancy is stable and no problems, then it should be fine, just don't be too aggressive! Enjoy! Diane

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You are totally right! I remember myself in my 20s and gosh I was really trying to avoid pregnancy so much. being a mother at that time seemed to be like a curse or too heavy burden. Recently I regret those my thoughts but now I see that it was right at that time. I'm sure that if I were a mother then I might stay with my cheating husband or became a single mother. This is not what I always dreamed of. Thank you Diane, you are very helpful. Wishing you all the best! xxx


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