How did everyone feel in first few weeks of pregnancy?

I've had cramps, sharp pain last night, few twinges and pains here and there, nothing unbearable. Nothing to take meds for, I turned over in bed and had a sharp pain, I've been really gassy to? Been bloated for weeks only today it's gone down, but I'm worried about that now lol :/ I'm 3 weeks gone. How am I gonna get thru the next 3 weeks wait till scan? Did anyone's symptoms go away? Still have sore boobs but that could be pessaries, nurse said aslong as it's not constant pain and if it is call back, and it's probs your follicles filling back up. And she explained that's why I was bloated till now. She said if symptoms have gone down happy days. Xzx

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  • I've had a few cramps etc but mostly on a morning and I feel a bit lightheaded when I first wake up which I think is from laying down so long then getting up again quickly (usually cause I need the loo) Im still bloated but it's sort of stayed constant now rather than get bigger or deflate. I've been getting sore boobs too then they've been a bit better then sore again. I think everyone's symptoms are so different one size doesn't fit all.


  • Hi Del92. I think what you've been experiencing is just leftover from your treatment cycle and should soon settle back down. Make sure you have a rest when you can, and still drink a bit of extra water. You may start to feel very tired soon, which happens during early days - and having a puffy tummy. Not too long to wait for your scan, so try and keep busy. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I have cramps and twinges in the evening. Other than sore boobs this is the only pregnancy "symptom" I've had. I think it's fairly normal. Everything stretching and implanting. You don't just have 3 weeks to survive you have many more weeks to countdown I'm sorry to say you won't feel relieved after your 6 week scan cos I still don't!

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