Is this normal?

On the 6th of May I'll be 4 weeks post D and C. I've been taking temps, charting and using opks this month and I'm now 3 dpo. I have ovulated very late but given everything that's happened I'm just relieved I ovulated at all. Today though I've experienced some very sharp pains in my groin, especially on one side. Does anyone know if these kind of pains are just due to what my body has been through lately?

Thank you

Vicky xx

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  • Are you 3 days post getting the Ov result on your opk? That will tell you that you had the surge so will ovulate within 24-36 hours. So the pains you had could have been the ovulation itself xx

  • No I'm 3 days past ovulation. The surge was 4 days ago. Ovulation is confirmed by three temperature rises which dip when af is on her way xx

  • Ah ok. Sorry hon I'm not sure then. xx

  • Thank you anyway xx

  • Hi Vicky, I don't know about the impact of the D&C but I have these every month after I ovulate, depending on which side I've ovulated from. My consultant said it's a normal occurrence for many people xx

  • I do too, it's just that today they've been so painful (albeit quick) they took my breath away and bending over was the only thing that eased them xx

  • Pain is not so intense now but it is definitely more consistent. I'm quite uncomfortable 😕 X

  • Still feeling niggly cramping type pains from both sides this morning but not like yesterday. DianeArnold does the pain I had yesterday sound normal? x

  • I'm they same from my natural miscarriage Tugsgirl.

    After the first I had a D&C. My circle got longer (still is actually) but nothing else changed. I was booked in for a D&C for the second but it happened naturally.

    After the natural miscarriage I get pain from ovulation until I take my period. Stabbing pains frequently and a kind of niggle that everything is trying to cramp.

  • Thank you so much for the reply! It's a relief to hear that someone else has experienced it. My pain is not so sharp now but I am still actually in pain at various times throughout the day x

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