New here 👋

Morning everyone, I've just stumbled across this wonderful support network and thought I would introduce myself.

I'm 39 and OH is 47, we've bn together for over 4 years with no success so far in the baby department! We started this whole process in April 16 and are now at the stage of our first round of IVF. Our investigations showed that our infertility was unexplained. I am very blessed to already have a 12 year old DD and we would all love nothing more to have our little bundle to complete the family.

Trigger injection was last night and we're booked in for EC 2moro at 1100 hrs - nervous and excited! Is anyone at a similar stage to us?

Fingers crossed for 2moro... 🤞 xx

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  • Hi feewares

    Wishing you all the best in your journey and fingers crossed for tomorrow xx

  • Good luck and welcome to the forum xx ☺

  • Hi there, welcome! Our journeys are very similar, I'm 40, we've been together a bit longer but only living in the same country for 4 years! We started our process in April 16 too and I had EC yesterday. I think it's only natural to be nervous (take a look at my post from yesterday!), but if it helps I was very pleasantly surprised by the collection process. I had sedation and don't remember much about it at all, and other than a few period type cramps last night no pain either.

    Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you get on. x

  • Hi Mrs B! I'm encouraged to hear that u seem to have sailed through EC - I'm pretty nervous about the procedure. I had a terrible time with the HSG and so hoping this will be a whole lot less traumatic. How did ur EC go? Hope u managed to get plenty eggs for the next stage. My scan yesterday showed 10 follicles that were hopefully going to produce eggs but there may be more on the day. It's all very exciting! Looking forward to reading about ur journey. Good luck!! 🤞 xx

  • 10 follicles is fabulous! I only had 5 on my final scan. They got 6 eggs though so guessing one caught up a little.

    I've had 3 fertilise this morning and booked in for ET on Saturday morning so hoping they all make it that far.

    Sorry to hear you had such a rough time with your HSG, I didn't have to have one of those so can't compare I'm afraid but hoping EC is a lot easier for you. Good luck! X

  • I had a horrendous hsg (didn't even work) which was nothing like EC. You probably won't even remember your EC. Have you had a trial embryo transfer?

  • Good to know Lizzie, thanks. Yes, because the HSG was so horrid, I had the trial transfer and that, although uncomfortable, was far better and quicker! And also reassuring. Hopefully 2moros EC will go smoothly like that 🤞. What stage are u at? X

  • Glad to hear your trial ET was fine. I really think you don't need to worry. I'm at a similar stage to mrsB76, just hoping to get as far as Monday for my embryos to go back in, otherwise it will be ET tomorrow.

  • Ok, thanks for the advice! It really does help to hear from others that are going through similar things at the same time as me! Fingers crossed u get ur Monday wish 🤞 xx

  • Oh wow - things move quickly don't they! Congrats on ur 3 little eggs fertilising - I wish u every success on Saturday for ur ET and will keep an eye out for ur updates x

  • Best of luck for EC tomorrow! You're right this is a great support network, Ive found it incredibly useful and the support is amazing!xx

  • We are cycle buddies.EC was on thursday .ET probably monday .im waiting for the call that will tell me that the embies are doing ok.My Doctor was hoping for a day 4 transfer which is monday.goodluck with your journey.

  • It's so nerve wracking waiting for the call. All the while worrying that ur wee embies are progressing well! We're either Monday, Weds or a few weeks down the line as we've opted into a trial for frozen too. All will be revealed on Monday. Good luck Lawmom!! 🤞 x

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