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New here

Hi all I am new here I am 29 been with OH for 6.5 years and have one little girl who is 21 months. It took us 2.5years to conceive our little girl due to severe endometriosis.

We are now 18 months in to trying for no.2 besides the endometriosis I have also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and high antibodies, so currently waiting for our first fertility appointment.

I would be grateful to hear anyone's experiences especially regarding the thyroid and antibodies.

Many thanks

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Welcome Dolly! No thyroid or antibodies with problems here but I just wanted to welcome you the forum! Hope you get lots of use from being here and the odd friend or supportive pal here too :) xx


Thanks for the welcome emu2016 Xx

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Hi. Big welcome Dolly. My TSH result was normal (this helps tell if you are hypothyroid or not) BUT my fertility consultant said that for optimum ferility she wanted it lower, ie treat me with a small dose of thyroxine every day. It came down really nicely and is now perfect. My auto-antibodies result is still outstanding.. and thank you, you have reminded me to check on it!!

Re your hypothyroidism, with my GP hat on, it is usually relatively easy to get you into the perfect TSH range, just by adjusting your thyroxine. But I don't know about antibodies and fertility or what extra they do (if anything) if they are positive. You could ask your GP to correspond with your fertility clinic, to see if there is anything your GP can do now, before your clinic appointment... the fertility clnic will also advise on the TSH target, which I think is less than 2.5.



Thanks for the welcome coracle. My TSH is at the level that the fertility clinic would like thanks to my gynaecologist who had been looking after me while I was trying for my first. He also done the referral to the fertility clinic and the endocrinologist.

I am very fortunate with the department that I work in the NHS that when I had my antibodies tested that they said it looks like Hashimoto's but work doesn't know that I am ttc. So I am currently waiting to see my endocrinologist next month to see if anything can be done.

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All good news. I have just done a little google, and this was interesting


Suggests a daily selenium boost. The amount they suggest would easily be found in 4 brazil nuts a day!

Do let us know when you have more reliable information x


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