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On waiting List on NHS.....Parents now offered to pay private!!? now what!

Im all excited at the moment as my parents have offered to pay for a private cycle for us to have in possibly Cyprus ICSI Donor Egg. We are currently waiting on the NHS for Donor Eggs and could be waiting for a year (im 39 in September) the cost in Cyprus is about 4k in this country 7+ ? So do I go straight on the Cyprus cycle and they can put up to 4 eggs in me (I would have 2 max) We get all the eggs from the donor and all are fertilised any left are frozen for possible siblings in the future compared to having only half the eggs from a donor in UK with a minimum of 4. They will only put 1 back in me. Donor age in Cyprus is under 25 in UK its under 35. if we go to Cyprus we can stay on the waiting list on NHS and use it as a back up if this one doesnt work.. Or.... Try one last time with my eggs (95% chance it NOT working)??

I dont know if i want to put my body through another failed cycle and to be honest it is more than likely going to be a fail. The odds of 5% success is not appealing !

Writing this i think i'm answering my own question but I wondered what all you lovely people think. The Donor side of things I am fine with to be honest I just want a family and its just the way of how we get one. Adoption can be a possibility .....

Also anyone been to Cyprus for IVF?

Any thoughts?

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Hey blondyboo, i think you have answered your own question. Life is too short so I would take up your parents offer and go for it.

This time next year you could have you family, cant put a price on that! Nhs for backup also sounds like a no brainer.

Enjoy Cyprus :))) xx


Thank you ! yes i think you're right as I was typing I realized I was doing that! I know some people really want to try all they can with their own eggs but when there is such a low chance them working and putting my body through it again to have to then have the private cycle just seems so massive.

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Its not an easy decision to make and in an ideal world you would rather use your own eggs but the ladies on here know nothing is ideal for us fertility wise.

Its hard to say but i dont think you would feel any different with donar eggs, i have read that because you carry it, plasenta feeds from your body that your DNA is picked up and at the end of the day you are still growing and bringing that baby into the world.

Whatever you decide I wish you the best of luck xx


Thank you LBM xx


Hey Bloodyboo I haven't gone abroad but have had private fertility treatment in London and think you are treated second to none. I Am not criticising the NHS at all as they do what they can with what budget they have but privately you are treated so differently for obvious reasons.

Wishing you lots of luck!

I had 2 embies put back in and have 7 month twin girls 💗💗. Xx

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Thank you Mooster!! xxxxxxxxx


Hiya I am in the similar position as you as the private clinic in the UK also has alliances with a clinical abroad. They can offer me 9 to 12 months waiting time in the UK and little to no waiting time abroad.

I am not sure where the 5% success comes from as the success is to do with the age of the donor. I have gone through 6 ICSI rounds and recent discussions with our consultant said donor eggs would give us a better chance and has no relationship to my age. So taking a year to get a donor has no impact on success.

So some of the discussions I have been having with the clinic is also around donors and matching of donors. In the UK you are likely to get a little bit more information that abroad e.g. the UK clinic tells me that all donors must be a non smoker, will get basic details like height, weight, eye colour whereas abroad you may get little to no information. That may or may not be important to you of course.

I have put myself on the UK waiting list and this also gives me time to think if I want to go abroad or not.

I am also not so sure re costs. You also need to think about flights, hotels etc etc and my impression from the abroad clinic is that they may want more tests and more unto date tests that maybe the UK clinic. However this is only my experience so far.

Is it possible for you to get into a Skype conversation with the clinic abroad and to ask them more questions?

Not sure if this helps.

It would be nice to hear what you decide, experiences etc.


The 5% success rate is will my own rates its 40-50% with donor at UK clinic.


Hello DC13, I have been doing a lot of research on this and im interested in a clinic in Cyprus. Had a lot of feedback from ladies like us that have been there and done it and I must say have been impressed with what they say. It does work out cheaper than the £7,500 we have been quoted here and that's including the hotel and flights or so it seems. I haven't cost it all up yet as its £3,500 for treatment then flights hotel and medication on top. However apparently you can by the drugs through them and they are a lot cheaper than here.

They sort transfers from airport to hotel and your appointments from hotel to hospital thats included in the price so no need to worry about that bit of it.

Also a big plus point for me is they will put 2 back in me and you have the whole eggs from the donor who are under 25 years old they fertilise all of them and you can freeze any left. (in UK you get half the eggs from donor minium of 4) at my age 37 in the UK with my eggs they would put 2 in but donor will be 1 as the donor will be 35 or under.

So far im liking abroad rather than UK! but still lots to talk about and consider !

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