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Ivf nhs or private?

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Hi all

I'm really new to all this but it's looking like I'm going to need IVF to get pregnant. My husband has an issue with sperm not swimming forward. Has anyone had IVF with this condition? Also I have heard that success rates with private clinics are higher than the NHS. I don't see what difference it would make but wondered if it is worth paying for. Any idea what the waiting list is like through the NHS I'm dreading it been years! 😞

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My local private clinic is the exact same one as my hospital fertility services refers to for NHS ivf. The only difference is you can't have add ons such as embryo glue if you have NHS treatment. But you can have icsi where they select the sperm and inject it into the egg. I'm about to have this on the NHS so hopefully you can too.

I've had private one fail and I'm just waiting to start my NHS cycle, but the NHS cycle is being done at a private hospital

So I don't think it matters it's just quicker process of paying for treatment rather than waiting for NHS appointments,

And because I did 1 private I'm only entitled to 2 NHS funded,

Good luck on your journey xx

You're still lucky to get two. I only get one funded under any circumstances in my area. It's such a silly post code lottery.

What area you in,

I'm in kent,

When I lived in Berkshire I was told wasn't allowed NHS funding as under 30 and in wrong postcode so yes defiantly is postcode lottery,

Mines taken over a year 2nd time round,


I'm in Northants. Once referral went in, it was really quick. But took quite a long while to get the other investigations done before that point.

Yeah mine have, mainly due to lost results and not being told my rubella was shown not amune,

But once I have that result which is end of this month I can start straight away,

I think it's so silly how each area ivf funding is so different, xx

Oh and round me, once I was actually referred for ivf it only took six weeks to get the first appointment. But it took me much longer to get the point of referral as I needed much more investigation.


My partner has issues with all aspects of his sperm. Not the same issue as your partner but I would imagine they would use ICSI so they'll select the sperm and inject it into the egg.

As for the waiting list I think everywhere is different. We waited for a year and it honestly flew by.

From what I've heard from someone I know who had treatment privately they do different testing from the NHS. They done an implantation window testing for her and some other blood tests which I haven't heard the NHS do. I guess it's really personal choice if you feel you can't wait for NHS as with private you'd be seen right away.

If you feel waiting for maybe a year isn't an issue then I would recommend trying with NHS. They're great and they still have high success rates.

Wishing you lots of luck with treatment xxx

Hi I have had both NHS and private. If you have the money, I would definitely rec private. I definitely felt they gave me more support and information when I went through private. The communication was 100 times better when I used Care fertility vs NHS. I just felt that my cycle through the NHS was not explained very well and everytime I went in, I felt they was in a rush to get me out the room. I understand the NHS was a free cycle, but for a woman going through IVF, we need care and support. I just did not feel that when using the NHS.

Your NHS hospital may be different from mine, so maybe try and get some other feedback from woman who have used your NHS hospital. . .Wishing you well on your journey x

Care fertility are the provider who my ccg refer nhs cases to, so it's definitely worth checking what the deal is in your area.

My clinic is private but takes NHS patients x

Bec-A in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks roughly how much is ivf through a private clinic?

Tugsgirl in reply to Bec-A

I would hazard a guess at around 5/6 K x

Tugsgirl in reply to Tugsgirl

Ps my clinic has treated me the same, NHS or private (we've had both) x

Bec-A in reply to Tugsgirl

And neither worked? 😞 Thanks for your help!

Tugsgirl in reply to Bec-A

Yes. I'm 5 + 4 today! Got my first scan Monday! πŸ€ 🀞 πŸ™πŸ» πŸŽ‰

Leesalou in reply to Bec-A

I paid approx Β£7,000 inc meds I went to lwc in Harley street for my private ivf,


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