What is my body doing

I have been taking clomid for 5 months now. I was due to have AF 19th April however I am 14 days late so far. I have taken 2 tests both were negative. I am at a complete loss, what is my body doing, what is wrong??? I just have no idea what's happening, I just don't understand. I keep thinking maybe the tests were wrong and I should do another one but i don't think I can cope with another bfn. Our bodies are so cruel sometimes and I am so upset.

I had a nephew born on Sunday as well and it just brings all the emotions I've been trying to cope with back into full force, I'm happy of course, he's a lil cutie but it's just reminds me of what I haven't got.

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  • Chlomid made my cycle completely different to it's normal routine,longer cycles and I had no idea when I ovulated as it almost took away all feeling I had during the month. Maybe this is what's happened to you to?

  • I really don't know, my doctor said it would regulate my cycle but it hasn't really. I'm just glad I go back on the 1st June and can't get some answers x thank you for taking the time to reply :) x

  • I hope they give you answers. I stopped after three months all I got was hot sweats and weight gain lol. It did enhance ovulation tho so it did work but had no idea when was the right time in the month so to speak. Congratulations on the nephew I had one too whilst we were TTC. Love him so much always made me feel better on a down day xx

  • Have they done any blood work to see if the chlomid is working ? I've found they don't tend to do this to see if ovulating . Which is odd because chlomid is normally used to force ovulation .

    Could it be that if you ovulated you ovulated later than what you would think?. When I was at gynaecologist other week they told me with chlomid you should ovulate on days 13-14 of cycles xx

  • No I haven't had any blood work, I was given 6 months supply and told to come back when I've completed all 6 cycles. I have no idea when I ovulated we just tried every 2-3 days to conceive as the doctor advised. I hope I can get some answers soon, I go back on the 1st June. Thank you for your reply x

  • Just read your response here and I can't believe the doctor had given you 6 months of this drug and not checked you to see if it's helping. This whole process could drive you to drink. Best wishes for you xx

  • Your welcome. I had to push for blood work to be done to see if it was working it is silly that it's not compulsory that blood tests are done x

  • Aw that's rubbish that it's messing you about like this beauty, as if it all isn't bad enough 😕 I hope it sorts itself out asap. I understand how you feel about your nephew, it's tough isn't it, you're not alone xxx

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