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Currently on our 3rd ivf cycle and Ive started my injections, I'm feeling worse than the 1st and 2nd time I'm currently off sick for a week, my work have been brilliant but I feel some people just don't get it I'm off as my hormones are all over the place and I don't physically or mentally feel like working . Anyone else had time off for their cycle some people really don't know what you go through with ivf do they?

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  • It's unavoidable for me with the appointments for scans etc because the clinic is a three hour round trip. I work part time and I'm just about to start my third treatment, thankfully work have been understanding... so far... xx

  • I think it's still a struggle but it's great your work are understanding otherwise it doesn't help at all good luck with your 3rd cycle sending positive thoughts xx

  • Yes this is my 3rd cycle and I have had increasing time of for each one. I totally understand why you'd want to focus on treatment and not be at work. This time I've taken the whole cycle off work. I have them lots of warning and they managed to get some cover for my shifts so hopefully it hasn't been awful for my team. I didn't know if this would be our last so wanted to give it my all. Test day Sunday. Good Luck, hoping its 3rd time lucky for us both xxx

  • Aww thank you good luck to you too I have the opportunity to go to a concert on Sunday and I'm torn as I'm off sick but want to go but it's with work maybe best I don't go I need to rest too!!!

  • Yeah that's a tough one. If it wasn't work I'd say go for it as I think continuing to live and enjoy yourself helps to keep happy and positive. As it's with work though I think it might be best not to go. It's hard to say you're sick and can't cope with the hormones as well as work and then go out and have fun with your colleagues and expect them to understand why you can do one and not the other. I get it but I'm not sure they will..... Good Luck whatever you decide x

  • Very true I'm thinking I want to go other half thinking no I'm more to saying no, x

  • Good luck to you too fingers xd x

  • Hello! I had time off on my last cycle from the second week in, work have been very understanding, well my headmaster, my line manager (a woman) on the other hand is a bit sceptical! The head is already prepared for me to go off again on our 3rd cycle- my last one ended in a mmc at 8 weeks, and he was also fantastic!! I think take all the time you need, focus on what you need to do and ignore the people that don't get it xxx

  • Thank you good luck with your next cycle it's all so hard to juggle work and being pumped up in hormones sending positive thoughts your way xx

  • Thank you xx

  • HI I'm just the middle of my third cycle and this time round I have taken the whole cycle off. I've really struggled physically and emotially this time as well. My boss has been brilliant and my dad hasn't been well so told my work colleagues that is why I'm off. (I'm sure they all suspect as they know about previous failed cycles after and I had a miscarriage in Jan). No one understands how tough Ivf and what it does to you. I work long hours/shifts and do a lot of exercise so whilst I have enjoyed the break sometimes have time to think/go in the internet can drive you mad. I'm trying to read use some self-care techniques but it's really hard. Xxxx

  • It's hard isn't it some people don't understand how it makes you feel , like I said I'm due to go a concert on Sunday but I'm reluctant to go as it's with work and I'm worried about tounges wagging even tho my manager said I should go just worried about others hope your 3rd cycle goes well sending positive thoughts your way xx

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