First injection ✔

All done - my first injection.

I'm still shaky...

Was very apprehensive about this one as I'd convinced myself that something was going to get in the way and stop my treatment from actually going ahead!

Now the journey begins.

200mg Gonal-F for 5 days before adding Certrotide. Another scan booked for Wednesday to see how I'm responding!

So excited now and really hoping my positivity can last throughout this journey we're on!


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  • Well done! That's the first and hardest bit done! Now you can relax for the night!! x

  • Thankyou!!

    If that's the worst one I'll be OK with the rest. I was so nervous!!

    Random question - but do you know if it's OK to still have hot baths at this stage? I know I've read somewhere you can't at a certain stage I just wondered when the was?

    Thank you again xox

  • I would have thought so. I was never told not to on my last cycle. I think it's more caution after implantation. I never got to ET last time. But I'm also not a bath girl!

    They get easier. I posted a week or so ago saying that I was worried I was doing it wrong. Hurting as it went it, bleeding, stinging... I'm fine now. It's a doddle! x

  • Brilliant! I'll have a Google but I'm sure it would be okay for now. I need me a hot bath after this week 😏

    Oh wow that's great that your confident with them now. I hope there's no more pain/bleeding for you. Can't have been nice xox

  • I think I was panicking so much about it I wasn't putting the needle in quick enough! Enjoy your bath! x

  • Ohh okay 😊

    I went straight on in there with mine, didn't mess around lol. Wasn't too sure what was best so I just went for it!!

    Oh I'm going to enjoy it, thanks xox

  • I checked about hot baths at my clinic today. The nurse reassured me that hot baths are absolutely fine until EC. The reason they are not recommended after that is because you've had a needle through your vaginal wall so they are concerned about infection.

    I'm on day 8 of gonal-f and I'm just about to add in menopur tonight, hoping for EC next week some time.

    Was so glad to know about the hot baths thing as I'm going on a spa day on Sunday (booked months ago) and was worried I was going to have to stay out of all the hot tubs. But no, she said it was all fine and probably good for me due to relaxation. So bath away!!

  • Ohh lizzie thats fab, thankyou!! I do love a nice bath and after a hard week at work ( and hospital) it's well needed!! Will season to showers after EC.

    How have you found gonal f? Any side effects?

    Ooh spa day sou ds amazing!! Hope you enjoy xxx

  • I'm enjoying gonal f just on the basis that it seems to have stopped most of the horrible side effects I had on my down-regging drug! I'm having slight pmt feelings occasionally but most of the time I feel completely unemotional. My stomach is sore but I think it's from bruising rather than swelling ovaries!

  • Oh that's good to hear. Hopefully I'll feel the same about it.

    I'm emotional at the best of times so hopefully this won't make too much of a difference haha.


  • Well done and wishing you all the best on your journey xxx

  • Good luck. You are over a huge hurdle now x

  • Thankyou all ❤

    Getting myself up and ready for next one this morning 😊


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