First Injection Done!

Started first Merional Injection tonight, been worried all day about it and pleased to say it was absolutely fine! It takes a bit of concentration mixing it all up, i watched a video about it this afternoon to remind me as it was a month ago the nurse showed us. I was panicking right up to the point where I pinch my skin and my husband sat with it ready (then started the hot fear sweats! Ha) and he did it and i couldnt believe i couldnt even feel the needle go in!! Could feel a little sensation near the end of liquid going in but nothing that hurt at all. Im feeling quite proud of myself and at least I wont be worried tomorrow now 😊

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  • Well done rosy,good luck on your journey x

  • Yay well done believe me you'll be a pro in a few days 😊 good luck xx

  • Well done x

  • Go girl! I had a phobia of needles before I started but now I'm like a pro! You should be proud of yourself! If it ever gets tough just remind yourself of the little reason(s) you're doing this!! That spurs me on xxx

  • Hi, I did my first one today too - bit daunting but ok. Well done x

  • Well done to you! I was exactly the same! Can't believe I had a fear of injections before this- talk about facing my fear head on!xx

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