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Hello all,

Today we had our second scan at 8 weeks and there was no heartbeat, and it looks as though the baby had stopped growing a couple of days ago. We are beside ourselves. I don't know what to do with myself, I feel hopeless. We've got another scan on Monday at our EPU to confirm and discuss our options, but right now all I want is our little baby to be ok, and I know that won't be the case. I think the worse thing is we had all the dramas before, and bleeding and all was fine, and now I've had no bleeding, no cramps, no nothing so it just doesn't feel real xxx

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  • Oh no I'm so sorry lovely, this is just heartbreaking. Brings back a lot of bad memories for me. Please know we will all be thinking of you and we are here for you whenever you need us. Sending you the biggest hug xxxxxxx

  • Thank you so much, I just can't believe it xxxxx

  • My heart goes out to you - it's not something I've been through but am very aware that it may be in my near future on this difficult journey. Lots of love to you and your OH at this time, I hope you have a strong network of friends and family to give you tlc x

  • So, so sorry to read this. I wish i could say something to make you feel better but there are no words. Sending a big hug & love to you & your OH at this time xxxxxx

  • Oh no Aleelilook, I am so sorry!! Please know I am thinking of you xxx

  • So sorry xx thinking of you

  • This is such sad news..... I'm so sorry I can't even imagine how you are feeling. Sending you the strength to get through xx

  • Oh I'm just so so sad to read this πŸ’šπŸ’š, it's just devastating as I can empathise and it just saddens me so much that you are going through this after the rough ride you have it. I think life is so cruel the way you think you have made it, you start to hope and get excited but then it's just ripped all away. Please take time to process this all and surround yourself with loved ones. I am just so very very sorry xxx

  • Thank you all so much, I'm just broken, utterly shocked and in disbelief of how awful life can be sometimes. I really appreciate all of your support, you're all so kind xxxxx

  • It's like we work so bloody hard to get our positive can we not just have the rest straight forward, it's just so cruel to be put through this, I'm just so very sorry X

  • Yes it's hard enough that we have to deal with Infertility and then we have to somehow cope with miscarriage too 😞 X

  • Oh no I'm so sorry, heartbreaking 😒 There's probably no words right now so sending big hugs xxx

  • I'm so sorry, it's such a horrible thong to happen. Thinking of you.

  • I'm so sorry. How utterly awful for you. You are in my thoughts. x

  • I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself. Thinking of you xx

  • 😭 really sorry to hear that ❀️

  • Hey sweetheart just heartbroken to hear this sad news words cant describe how u must be feeeling.thinking of you.massive hugs and kisses.xxxx

  • Oh lovely I'm soooo sorry to be reading this!! There is no words in the world that can be said to help you only that I'm thinking of you and sending you a massive hug. Xxxx

  • So so sorry take care of yourself xx

  • So sorry to hear this, look after your self's sending u massive hugs xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. It's awful, this happened to me last year. We had our first scan and embryo hadn't developed properly. I really hope your little bean stays on board and hangs in there. Remain hopeful! Xx

  • When we had our scan this morning there was clearly no heartbeat, unfortunately hope has gone out of the window this time xx

  • That's such a shame. Did they say how this could happen? It just seems so odd that u had heartbeat and then didn't. I didn't get to heartbeat stage. They knew pretty early it wasn't going to develop further. Really sorry to hear this x

  • It's a missed miscarriage, unfortunately the baby wasn't viable, so couldn't progress, but my body still thinks it's pregnant

  • Gosh life can be so cruel! I remember I didn't officially miscarry until about 7 weeks after my second scan. I was so annoyed with being "pregnant" but not actually pregnant. Then eventually it all happened naturally. Such a difficult time to go through though. Perhaps take some time out for yourself if you haven't already? I would of liked to have gone away for a short break just to recoup. Really hope you are okay x

  • I hadn't realised it could take that long. I'm glad I opted for a D and C x

  • Nor did I. I was still testing pregnant for ages, was such a kick in the teeth. At least with DC you can have peace of mind and get on with your life. Hope it all goes well x

  • I had one three weeks ago. Still tested positive for a week after but not now. Waiting for my period to return 🀞 X

  • So so sorry to hear this after all you have been through, life is so cruelπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” look after yourself and know we are all here for you xxx

  • Thank you xxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending love and strength to you xx

  • Lots of love and hugs x

  • Omg Aleelilook. That's exactly what happened to me! I'm so so sorry that it's happened to you too. I know exactly how you feel. Please send me a pm if you need to chat, anytime. I'm thinking of you and your OH. So sorry xx


  • Thank you Vicky xx It is just so horrific xx

  • I know 😞 Here if you need me xx

  • Oh no. I'm so sad for you. I'm sending you so much sympathy.


  • Such sad news. Sorry that you have to experience this.

    You'll cry, feel numb, feel angry and like it can't be happening to you...just take each hour as it comes and be there for each other x

  • Such heartbreaking news, I'm so sorry. Look after yourself x

  • I'm so sorry to read this, it is heartbreaking. I've no words to comfort you but know that we are all here xoxo

  • Oh no, how horrible! 😒 So sorry to hear this...thinking of u [hugs] xx

  • So so sorry about what happened.

    Plz take care of urself . It's one of d most cruelest thing ever to go through all this . As it is we have so many hurdles. Xx

  • I am so so sorry to read your post. I cant even begin to imagine the emptyness and pain you must be experiencing right now.

    I have no words that could help in anyway but I am thinking of you and your partner and hoping that you both come through this awful time.

    Take care of yourselves and hold on to your love xx

  • I was so very sad to read this...where is the justice in it all?? As many other ladies have written, for such joy to be followed by such sorrow is cruel beyond belief.

    Sending much love to you will get through this xx

  • Very sorry to read this. This process is such a roller coaster of emotion, and we have so little control. Hugs xx

  • Sending you big hugs, this is very traumatic for you both. Be kind to yourself and take things day by day xxx

  • I literally don't know what to say as this is my ultimate fear. I Am so sorry for you you must be heartbroken. Big hugs xx

  • So very sorry to hear this news - can totally empathise with how you are feeling - look after yourselves xxx

  • My heart bleeds for you..sending loads of love..this journey is just too cruel xxx

  • Sending you massive hugs... Xxxxx

  • I genuinely don't have the words to express how devastated I am for you. I want to give you a lovely nugget of inspiring words but there are none at this time. But I am sure you will take a little comfort from the out pouring of love and support for you. The biggest hug from me. Xxx

  • Oh no, I'm sending you a massive hug. Life is so cruel and this happens to me on my first round. Thinking of you. I'm speechless for you darling xxxxx

  • So sorry to read this , bug hugs πŸ€— xx

  • So sorry thinking of youβ€πŸ’‹

  • So so sorry

  • So so sorry to hear this, hopefully the epu find a heartbeat x miracles do happen x we recently went through similar circumstances and it's so difficult, keep strong with your other half and talk to each other, your in this together x

  • Thank you xx We are both clinging onto that slither of hope, silly really. I'm sorry to hear that you have been through this, life can be so bloody hard xx

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