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We are now more likely than ever looking like we will be referred to have IVF in Leeds. My other half is still smoking, not a lot but none the less still at it. We are hoping to be NHS funded. I've read that we will not get this support if one of us smokes, even though I am the one with the fertility issues and his sample came up trumps, above average actually. Are you tested for smoking prior to IVF? How do they test? How long do you have to have stopped smoking beforehand? Thanks!

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  • Hi aimzeliza,

    You are both tested for smoking at your initial appointment and i think every clinic is different thereafter as to whether they test.

    My hubby smoked and i was stressed out about it as he was struggling to give up.

    He was on the E-cig for a bit but as thats still nicotine its a no go!

    I dont think it takes that long for the nicotine/tar to leave your system. A few days maybe. Dont quote me on that as im not sure.

    If he can even start to cut down now and do it gradually he will likely be off them when your referral comes up.


  • Hi aimzeliza,

    Like LBM1979 says I think it depends on your clinic. We were told hubby would need to be smoke free for 3 months before they would refer us to the waiting list. He's 11 weeks so far :) they'll do a carbon monoxide test prior to referral to check. Hope this helps, best of luck x

  • Hi we are also at leeds clinic weve had one nhs cycle and just paid for a cycle but we have never been tested for smoking, they do ask if you smoke but both of us do not so I don't know wether if you said yes then maybe they would do a test but we haven't had any - hopefully puts your mind at rest a little bit xx

  • My Partner smoked throughout our IVF treatment. He was told by the consultant that he would have to go toNHS stop smoking sessions. He did try for the first few days to give up but he was under so much pressure with work that we started bickering. So he started again and it was so much better for our relationship. how he got round the sessions was he booked the 10am meeting that way his readings showed as a non smoker as he'd been asleep and he'd miss his morning cigarette.

    This is not necessarily what I would have chosen but it worked for us And I'm now 39weeks.

    You & OH need to make that choice together and talk it though.

    Hope this is some help

  • Hi aimzeliza. Depends upon the clinic, but it can be detected in a blood est. If your DH/DP has a sperm problem, then it can cause them to be really lazy, which would need ICSI. About a month to be "out of his system", so ask him to try his best. Good luck and with the treatment cycle. Diane

  • My hubby gave up a year ago and because he stupidly said on a form when we started he smoked, his now had to go on a 6 week course to get a certificate to say his a non smoker, luckly my clinic is letting us still have the consultation and starting and to give the certificate at the end, as when they first said he needed a certificate his doctors didn't do it but wrote a note which they accepted but now that's not good enough, in on kent so maybe different up where you are but NHS in Kent won't give funding for smokers

    , xx

  • Say my funded has been accpted and until his got his certificate his won't, I said as I was worried that it hold it up, can I pay his funded part nope must be all funded or all private but luckily they've allowed as time out appointment on the 9th he would of been 3 times and then he have it before we've finish xx

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